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How to Treat Blood in Dog Stool

There are two kinds of blood in the stool: hematochezia and mane. The color of blood can differentiate them. It is necessary to make the difference between these two kinds of stool blood since they facilitate the diagnosis. Hematochezia is the presence of fresh blood in dog feces. The blood in the... More

How to care for a pregnant cat

Pregnant cat care tips Caring for any pregnant pet can feel cumbersome at times, but generally cats are very good at fending for themselves. However, during their pregnancy it is important that female cats are given extra care to ensure that not only the mother is kept... More

How to stop indoor marking behaviors in dogs

Supervise and separate A dog marks for several reasons. When a dog starts marking indoors, it is not only a cause for frustration, but can cause health problems to the humans. If there is more than one dog in the household the reason could be competition, sexual frustration, or... More

How to get rid of cat odor

How to get rid of cat odor Just because you have an indoor cat doesn’t mean you have to live with cat odors. Cat odors are generally caused from the litter box or from accidents occurring outside the litter box. These odors emitted are offensive to both you and your guests. If you have... More

How to train a dog to stay in an unfenced yard

Boundary training in six weeks Don't fence me in! Educate your dog to stay within their natural boundaries, willingly. All dogs need boundaries and being naturally territorial will stake out their own. Use a dog's natural territorial instinct to educate to where boundaries begin and end. This... More

How to groom a horse

Grooming your horse Step 1 Safe and secure Before starting, it is important that your horse is tied securely using a head collar and leadrope. This is in the interest of your own safety, as any horse can become spooked. By tying them up, they are less likely to hurt you if they do jump... More

How to treat a bite wound on a dog to avoid infection

Cleaning wounds to prevent infections Bite wounds are easily infected as bacteria is driven down into the wound. Most bite wounds are a piercing as the tooth goes through the skin, although sometimes they do not break the skin and merely bruise it. However, infection can still... More

How to tell if a female dog is in heat

How to tell if a female dog is in heat Heat is another term for estrus (pronounced es-truss) the time of sexual receptivity for in-tact, or unspayed female dogs. What should one look for to tell if a female dog is in heat? An early sign a female dog may be going into heat is moodiness. There... More

How to calm a hyperactive dog

Calming techniques Hyperactivity in dogs can be the result of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of mental stimulation, disorders in the neurological system, or genetic. Calming a hyperactive dog means teaching the dog what calm feels like and even adding specific music... More

How to change a dog’s bad behavior

Bad behavior can go quickly from mild to extreme Bad behavior can go from mild to extreme over time. Mild behaviors are categorized as jumping, stealing food, chewing, barking or chasing, and all are simply the nature of being a dog. These become bad behavior because they are socially... More