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How to care for a pregnant cat

Pregnant cat care tips Caring for any pregnant pet can feel cumbersome at times, but generally cats are very good at fending for themselves. However, during their pregnancy it is important that female cats are given extra care to ensure that not only the mother is kept... More

How to get rid of cat odor

How to get rid of cat odor Just because you have an indoor cat doesn’t mean you have to live with cat odors. Cat odors are generally caused from the litter box or from accidents occurring outside the litter box. These odors emitted are offensive to both you and your guests. If you have... More

How to give your cat a pill

Cats do not always understand when you are trying to do something for their own benefit. They don't like to have baths, they don't like to go to the vet, and they don't like having to take pills. It can be very difficult to get a cat to take a pill but there are steps you can take to make it as... More

How to calculate a cat’s age in human years

What does your cat's age really mean? Comparing your cat's age to the equivalent in "human years" can help you get some perspective on your cat's stage of life. Understanding the feline aging process will help you care for your cat as experiences the challenges of growing... More

How to annoy your cat

Time to return the favor while playing with the cat The cat knows how to push your buttons and annoy you but, do you know how to annoy your cat? Cat owners around the world have had their newspapers lain on, swatted at, or attacked. It's now retribution time for the cat owner. Cats will do the... More

How to give a cat insulin shots

Caring for the diabetic cat Diabetes mellitus in cats is when the cat's body does not create enough insulin to help balance the level of sugar within the blood. Sometimes diabetes is treated by giving the cat a daily insulin shot. It is important for owners to learn how this injection is given to... More

How to treat hairballs in cats

Cats spend a large percentage of their day washing and cleaning their hair. As a result, hairballs often result in distress for both the cat and the cat owner. There are simple ways in which you can prevent hairballs. While there really is no way to completely prevent hairballs from happening in... More

How to keep indoor cats entertained

Indoor cats are healthier and live longer than outdoor cats. Allowing a pet to go outside unsupervised is a risky decision that will expose your pet to illness and injury. Vets agree that indoor cats, as a group, are healthier and live longer than their outdoor counterparts. With a little... More

How to protect a cat from fireworks

Protecting kitty. Not everyone thinks of how a cat feels on nights when the rest of the world is celebrating. Fireworks hit the skies, and the noise can often be very frightening indeed for a cat. Being a cat owner means that you have a responsibility to protect it from the dangers which are... More

How to keep your cat’s teeth clean

How to keep your cat's teeth clean Keeping your cat's teeth clean is an important part of being a cat's friend (they don't tend to have owners!) and helps to keep them healthy. They use their teeth, not only for eating, but for hunting as well, which means their mouths are open to all kinds of... More

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