How to annoy your cat

How to annoy your cat

Time to return the favor while playing with the cat

The cat knows how to push your buttons and annoy you but, do you know how to annoy your cat? Cat owners around the world have had their newspapers lain on, swatted at, or attacked. It’s now retribution time for the cat owner.

Cats will do the craziest things to initiate play with their favorite people. While some actions can be endearing, others can annoy you. If you are bored and want to play with your cat, there are some great ways to keep the cat on its toes. The cat will either go along with it, or let you know to the contrary.


Step 1

Point out dirty fur for them

While they are licking and cleaning themselves, take a finger and tap them and say «you missed a spot». Most will then start licking that spot. Then, pick out another spot of imagined dirty fur and point that out. Repeat until the cat puts its paw on your hand. You’ve successfully annoyed the cat.

Step 2

Put your hand on its tail

For most cats their tail is their pride and joy. They’ll spend hours grooming it. Therefore, it is the perfect target. Just gently place your hand on its tail — don’t grab or pull on it at all. A gentle cat will push your hand away, an aggressive cat may bite you. Only do this once or any cat will bite you. Next, have one of their favorite toys handy and play with them.

Step 3

Make strange cat-like noises

Most cats are well versed on how to meow incessantly. Try giving the cat a dose of its own medicine. Make eye contact with the cat then start making meowing noises. Siamese cats may meow back and turn it into a contest.

Step 4

Play peek a boo

Stand behind something so the cat cannot see you. Peek out and make eye contact with the cat and then quickly hide again. Do this a few times. On the third or fourth time expect the cat to take action. Most will run up and swat your legs. If you do this while ducking into a stairwell, expect the cat to run up and swat your head when you pop back up.

Step 5

Try to pet your cat’s stomach

Only try this maneuver on cats that know you extremely well. While a few cats don’t mind, most cats hate for their stomach fur to be petted. One stroke usually triggers the «death flower» response. Once the teeth and claws come out, use their favorite ribbon or string to play with them. Laugh, say their name, and let them know you were just annoying them.

Step 6

Touch its back feet

If the cat is laying down and relaxed, just reach out with one finger and gently tap a back foot. Most cats will reach out with one front paw and put it on top your hand. Try it again and it will swat twice. After that, grab the feather wand and play with the cat.

Step 7

Stare at it

Staring at cats is considered aggressive behavior so only do this to cats who know you well. If you put your face one foot in front of the cat and stare at it, it will eventually swat you in the head and then walk away. Pull out a toy and then play with the cat awhile. It will then know you were just initiating play.

Step 8

Blow air on them

If they are laying near you, just gently blow on their fur. If they look at you, stop and pretend like you weren’t doing anything.

Step 9

Wave your hand

Just wave your arm and hand around 2-3 feet in front of it without touching the cat. The cat will be really annoyed or just think you’ve completely lost it.

Step 10

Swish a feather wand around its head

If it’s in the mood it will swat at this bird-like object. If not, it will look at you with a very annoyed expression.

Step 11

Sleep late

If your cat is used to you feeding it first thing in the morning, sleep late and see what happens. The cat may first put its whiskers in your face and then resort to walking all over you. When the cat has decided its tried everything, it may bite a toe.

Step 12

Claw hand

This maneuver is quite aggressive and the cat most likely will swat you. Shape your hand like a bird claw and then just hold it about a foot in front of the cats face. The cat will lay back its ears but most likely won’t attack. If the hand is moved directly over the cats head, most cats will attack it.

Direct rough hand play is not recommended with cats. Instead, grab a toy that lets them bite, scratch, and dig their back claws into it. Some cats need aggressive play on occasion. Provide toys and situations that let them safely act out.

Things Needed
• cat
• you
• toys

Tips & Warnings
• Know the cat well before you try to annoy it.
• The cat may swat at you if annoy it. The swat may be playful or it may swat with all claws and teeth ready for action.
• The cat may ignore you.
• The cat may run away and hide.


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