How to give a cat insulin shots

Caring for the diabetic cat

Diabetes mellitus in cats is when the cat’s body does not create enough insulin to help balance the level of sugar within the blood. Sometimes diabetes is treated by giving the cat a daily insulin shot. It is important for owners to learn how this injection is given to keep their cat healthy and strong.


Step 2

Draw up the Insulin

It is important that you draw up the exact amount of insulin your vet has prescribed. This will be given in either units or mls. Put the needle into the rubber bung of the bottle, tip the bottle upside down and draw the syringe back until the liquid reaches the correct line. Remove the syringe and tap it a few times to remove any air bubbles. You may need to draw some air into the syringe to help with this, but make sure you remove the air before injecting the cat.

Step 4

Massage the Skin

Massage the area that you have just used to inject the insulin. This will not only help the insulin to break into the system, but will also reassure your cat.

Step 5

Dispose of the Needle

Remember that needles that have been used are now considered contaminated. It is important for hygiene and safety reasons that they are disposed of correctly. Ask your vet for a sharps container that you can place all used needles into. When it is full, return it to your vet to be disposed of.

Things Needed
• Insulin — prescribed by the vet
• Sterile 1ml syringe

Tips & Warnings
• Insulin should be kept in the refridgerator
• Syringes should be thrown away after use, with the needles disposed of in a sharps container
• Never throw syringes and needles into household waste bins
• Remember to keep all medications and sharps away from pets and children
• Get someone to hold your cat for you at the beginning of the treatment


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