How to keep your cat’s teeth clean

How to keep your cat’s teeth clean

Keeping your cat’s teeth clean is an important part of being a cat’s friend (they don’t tend to have owners!) and helps to keep them healthy. They use their teeth, not only for eating, but for hunting as well, which means their mouths are open to all kinds of bacteria and teeth break easily. By keeping your cat’s teeth clean, you help to prevent any bacterial infection, and also keep their gums and teeth healthy and strong.


Step 1

Dry kibble

One of the easiest ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy is by providing them with a dry biscuit based meal.

Kibble helps to breakdown plaque and tartar, and is also easier on the digestive system.

Step 2

Brush their teeth

Cat toothpaste is available from most good pet stores, and should be used on a daily basis to help keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Other alternatives include Logic Gel, a paste available from vet surgeries that can be used as a toothpaste or placed on their paws, which they then lick off.

Step 3


By giving your cat hard toys, such as balls for them to play with and practise hunting, you are giving them another way of helping to break down plaque and tartar.

Step 4

Check-ups at the vets

When you take your cat for their regular vaccinations, the vet will also check their teeth and give you any advice you need. Regular check-ups are important to help spot any possible problems early.

You will Need
• Toothbrush
• Cat toothpaste
• Dry kibble
• Toys

Tips & Warnings
• Take your cat for regular check-ups
• Watch out for broken teeth
• Make sure that any treats are biscuit-based


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