How to protect a cat from fireworks

Protecting kitty.

Not everyone thinks of how a cat feels on nights when the rest of the world is celebrating. Fireworks hit the skies, and the noise can often be very frightening indeed for a cat. Being a cat owner means that you have a responsibility to protect it from the dangers which are presented on nights when fireworks are to be lit. The cat doesn’t know what these strange noises and lights represent, though a frightened cat may be distressed by what other folk see as celebration.


Step 1

Find out when celebrations are happening.

Be aware of all celebrations in your neighborhood. Read the papers and keep up to date with all events which are likely to be held, especially within your direct vicinity. Make a note of them to remind yourself that you need to protect your cat on that particular night. Find out at what time the fireworks will commence, as this is important. A cat who is normally allowed outside may need to have their needs sorted out earlier in the evening, or have a litter tray for an emergency.

Step 2

Try and create a calm environment for the cat.

The cat may be unaccustomed to the noises they will hear. Try to make sure that the cat is not alone, and that they are in a safe environment during the firework display. It’s worth pampering them a little bit as cats have great instinct and will be reassured by your pampering.

Step 3

Close all cat flaps.

Even if the cat is accustomed to having the freedom to go in and out of the house, this is one night when it is better to keep kitty indoors. The danger of burns from flying debris is fairly small, but the fear of the noise may be too much for them. Before the fireworks begin, make sure all cat flaps are closed. These can be opened again after the celebrations are over, but at least you will know that kitty is safe.

Step 4

Make children aware of the danger.

Children may be unaware of the danger to the cat. Make sure that they know the cat must be kept in during firework displays. This helps them to understand that pets need to be cared for and makes them much more careful about what they do to endanger the cat. Explain that cats get very frightened and should never be let out during firework displays.

Step 5

If the cat gets disturbed and upset by noise.

Reassure the cat. A cuddle goes a long way toward helping him/her to feel calmer. A cat who is disturbed may crave attention. On an occasion like this lavish attention and let them feel your calm to help them to feel calmer.

Step 6

Give them distraction.

Cats love to play and it can help them to psychologically block out their upset about the noise outside. A simple cardboard box, or something on the end of a string can give them something to play with and occupy themselves.

Things Needed
• Dates and times of events.
• Notepad.
• To tell the children.
• To close the cat flap.
• To show love and empathy to the cat.

Tips & Warnings
• Keep small kittens near their mother.
• Try to ensure that they are able to get to the litter tray.
• Close doors to help block out sound.


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