How to clean a dog crate

Clean your dog’s crate with just a few supplies

Using a crate to safely contain a dog can be a real advantage. It is particularly helpful when house training puppies, or containing a dog whilst the owners are out, or entertaining guests.

A crate is like a safe-haven for a dog, and for it to be comfortable, it must be clean. Cleaning a dog crate need not be difficult or time consuming. With a few simple supplies, this unpleasant job can be done in less than 15 minutes.


Step 1

Remove the bedding

To clean a crate properly, the bedding must be removed. Disposable bedding like newspaper or shavings can be added to a compost heap, material bedding should be shaken out and washed.

Step 2

Clean the crate

Wearing disposable gloves and using paper towel, remove any solids and soak up any liquids. Dispose of these in a garbage bag.

Using either a cleaning product, or 100 millimeters of white vinegar in 1 litre of warm water and a rag, wipe down all surfaces of the crate, both inside and out.

Step 3

Dry the crate

The easiest way to dry a dog crate is to put it out into the sunshine and fresh air. If this is not possible (due to lack of space or sun), dry the crate with an old towel.

Step 4

Check for damage

Before putting fresh bedding in the crate, check for any damage that the puppy or dog may have caused. Remove any sharp points with pliers (for wire) or a file (for plastic).

Step 5

Replace the bedding

Now that the dog crate is sparkling clean and smelling fresh, the bedding can be replaced. For puppies it is a good idea to put their favorite safe toy in too, so they have something to keep them amused.

Things Needed
• Disposable gloves
• Paper towel
• Garbage bag
• Cleaning solution
• Cleaning cloth
• An old towel

Tips & Warnings
• Do not try to clean the crate without removing all bedding first.
• If using chemicals, rinse well before putting the dog back into the crate.
• If white vinegar isn’t available, Bicarbonate of Soda and water, or lemon juice and water work well.


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