How to treat a bite wound on a dog to avoid infection

Cleaning wounds to prevent infections

Bite wounds are easily infected as bacteria is driven down into the wound. Most bite wounds are a piercing as the tooth goes through the skin, although sometimes they do not break the skin and merely bruise it. However, infection can still become an issue. It is important that any wounds are cleaned to prevent infection spreading.


Step 1

Find the wound

Bite wounds can be difficult to find as they are usually puncture marks. Wearing a pair of surgical gloves, to prevent infection from spreading, and using a pair of scissors, snip the hair away from the wound to make it more visible.

Step 2

Clean the area

Using a sterile saline solution and sterile gauze pad, wipe the bite wound down, cleaning away any dirt, debris and dried blood.

Step 3

Protect the wound

To reduce the chance of any infection settling in, place a small amount of wound powder on the bite.

Step 4

Visit the vet

It is important that you take the dog to see a vet as antibiotics may be needed to prevent secondary bacterial infections.

Things Needed
✯ Surgical Gloves
✯ Sterile Saline Solution
✯ Sterile Gauze Pads
✯ Wound Powder
✯ Scissors

Tips & Warnings
✯ Ask another person to help you restrain the dog. Dogs that are frightened and in pain can become aggressive.
✯ Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.


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