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How to clean a dog crate

Clean your dog's crate with just a few supplies Using a crate to safely contain a dog can be a real advantage. It is particularly helpful when house training puppies, or containing a dog whilst the owners are out, or entertaining guests. A crate is like a safe-haven for a dog, and for it to be... More

How to care for a dog with an enlarged heart

Heart failure in dogs Just like human beings dogs can suffer a multitude of heart problems. These days there are many treatments available which may offer a cure or manage the condition comfortably. The signs and symptoms of an enlarged heart may be vague initially. Perhaps your dog coughing may... More

How to break up a dog fight

Think safety first Dog fights are loud, scary and dangerous. The first human reaction is usually panic. To break up a dog fight means to be prepared and to know exactly what to do. The risk is clear and a dog bite could occur or worse serious injuries could be obtained. Dogs fight for various... More

How to bathe a pug

keep your pug healthy and happy with regular bathing The pug is a breed that has special bathing and grooming considerations. Because of its foreshortened nose, it has many folds and wrinkles that must be cleaned and dried regularly. In addition to the wrinkles on his face, the pug may also have... More

How to assemble a dog first aid kit

Having a first aid kit for your dog is a necessity The Humane Society of the United States advises to "put together a special first aid kit just for your pet," as a project. What a great idea! Assembling a first aid kit for your pet and having it ready in case of a crisis can be the determining... More

How to bathe your dog like a professional groomer would

Get that professional look at home There is no doubt that professional pet groomers have a special talent for making your dog look sparkling clean when they walk out of the grooming salon. But such an effect can be achieved at home for a fraction of the price. Whether you want to bathe your dogs... More

How to bathe a puppy

To keep a puppy pleasant to be around, it is important to attend to proper hygiene. Bathing should wait until the puppy is at least six weeks old and no longer nursing. Until then, it is best to simply brush the puppy. A bit of baby powder can be used to freshen the hair and skin, but be careful... More

How to care for a Pomeranian

That little bundle of fur! Congratulations on your newest family member - your Pomeranian puppy. Chances are that your dog weighs less than 2 pounds. Pomeranians are beautiful little dogs that come in a wide range of colors from snow white to jet black and everything in between. Pomeranian... More

How to clip a Chihuahua’s nails

Keeping your Chihuahua safe from hurting A Chihuahua has a lot of energy and may seem self sufficient in many aspects, although looking after them involves a lot of care and knowledge about things which need doing. Among this, one of the important aspects is clipping their nails. It may sound... More

How to help your dog survive the holidays

Five steps to a no stress holiday Deck the halls with boughs of holly, but keep the holly away from the dog. Holly is just one of many items that are poisonous to dogs. How will you and your dog survive the holidays without an emergency visit to the veterinarian's office? Simply knowing what to... More