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How to care for a dying dog

Caring for a dog through the good and the bad times. It is always sad when any creature is coming to the end of its life. In the case of a dog dying it could be an animal that you have found after an accident, or your own beloved pet whose life is coming to an end. Whatever the circumstances, the... More

How to train a dog to walk on a loose leash

Walking on leash as a team Loose leash walking bewilders many dog owners. Why doesn't the dog just know how to walk on a loose leash? Why can't I just walk and the dog behaves properly on lead? Often the answer is very simple, leash and collar have not been pre-trained properly but instead just... More

How to assess a dog’s vomit

The other end of the dog and knowing what you are seeing Not all packages are wrapped in tinsel and bows. Dogs will be dogs and dogs vomit. Upset stomachs, indigestion and critical health issues cause vomiting. Aside from reflexive "ick" comments from the... More

How to make dog food at home

Homemade dog food without artificial or potentially harmful ingredients Step 1 Preparation: • Rice: • Place 1 to 2 cups rice in either your rice cooker, or in a sauce pan on your stove Add 2 to 4 cups water, broth, or a combination or water and broth Allow to cook in rice cooker... More

How to teach your dog a stay command

Teaching your dog to stay firmly rooted... "Stay" is a powerful command. When effectively trained, it will give you the ability to cease your dog’s motion in one brief word. You’ll utilize ‘Stay’ every single day, in many situations, so developing a reliable and... More

How to treat a German Shepherd with dry itchy skin

Treating dry and itchy skin on a German Shepherd Dog There are a number of reasons why a dog would have dry and itchy skin. However, finding the cause of the problem can be a little difficult and will take some investigating. Below is a step by step guide on how to treat dry skin on a German... More

How to avoid cutting a dog’s nails too short

Caring dog owners would never willingly inflict pain on their animal or animals. In fact the opposite is the case and feeding, exercising and grooming are usually done with loving care. You may decide to trim your dog's nails as you think that their length is causing your dog pain. However, if... More

How to calm a dog afraid of fireworks

Desensitize, pair good things with the sound and use calming tools Usually being afraid of fireworks means the dog is afraid of other loud sounds, such as thunder, drill saws and even vacuum cleaners. Dogs who were never afraid of sounds before can suddenly become sound sensitive as they grow... More

How to clean your dog’s teeth

Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned just like humans and it's an area often overlooked by pet owners. However, the condition of your dog's teeth can have a significant effect on their overall health, particularly as they age. Teeth that aren't cleaned on a regular basis can suffer from a... More

How to find dog food and related coupons

Dog food coupons are readily available, when you know where to look Finding dog food and related coupons can add up to big cost savings. Knowing where to find them can save a lot of time. Once found, these same places will often give coupons repeatedly, so the search is over and the savings can... More