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How to treat a horse leg wound

Treating minor leg wounds Horses' legs are often considered quite fine in relation to their body size, and because of such it is important that we care for their legs properly. From time to time, horses may injure their legs opening up small wounds that can become infected if not treated. It is... More

How to prevent redirected or respondent biting in dogs

Biting directed toward people, other dogs or objects One form of aggression is called redirected biting. This is one of the most volatile types of aggression and takes dedication to cure. If a dog becomes over-excited or over-stimulated and cannot get to the cause, the dog will redirect a bite to... More

How to keep dogs safe from dangerous foods

How to make healthy choices for your dog Dogs survived on table scraps for hundreds of years, but the human food supply has undergone many changes, including harmful preservatives and ingredients that clog arteries and trigger allergies. Unfortunately, commercial dog food has also undergone some... More

How to make homemade dog treats

Make your own organic dog treats. Some dog treats available in the stores tend to be full of ingredients that are almost empty of nutrition and at the very least, because of the fillers used by the big dog food companies, are adding to the digestion problems of your pet. The loyalty and... More

How to clean a dog crate

Clean your dog's crate with just a few supplies Using a crate to safely contain a dog can be a real advantage. It is particularly helpful when house training puppies, or containing a dog whilst the owners are out, or entertaining guests. A crate is like a safe-haven for a dog, and for it to be... More

How to care for a dog with an enlarged heart

Heart failure in dogs Just like human beings dogs can suffer a multitude of heart problems. These days there are many treatments available which may offer a cure or manage the condition comfortably. The signs and symptoms of an enlarged heart may be vague initially. Perhaps your dog coughing may... More

How to break up a dog fight

Think safety first Dog fights are loud, scary and dangerous. The first human reaction is usually panic. To break up a dog fight means to be prepared and to know exactly what to do. The risk is clear and a dog bite could occur or worse serious injuries could be obtained. Dogs fight for various... More

How to bathe a pug

keep your pug healthy and happy with regular bathing The pug is a breed that has special bathing and grooming considerations. Because of its foreshortened nose, it has many folds and wrinkles that must be cleaned and dried regularly. In addition to the wrinkles on his face, the pug may also have... More

How to assemble a dog first aid kit

Having a first aid kit for your dog is a necessity The Humane Society of the United States advises to "put together a special first aid kit just for your pet," as a project. What a great idea! Assembling a first aid kit for your pet and having it ready in case of a crisis can be the determining... More

How to give your cat a pill

Cats do not always understand when you are trying to do something for their own benefit. They don't like to have baths, they don't like to go to the vet, and they don't like having to take pills. It can be very difficult to get a cat to take a pill but there are steps you can take to make it as... More