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How to be a positive leader to family dog

Five easy steps A leader is someone others want to follow. Leadership has achieved negative connotations in the world of dog training because it has come to mean control, being boss, being alpha or pack leader. Leadership is earned and achieved by gaining trust, respect and willingness of... More

How to treat hairballs in cats

Cats spend a large percentage of their day washing and cleaning their hair. As a result, hairballs often result in distress for both the cat and the cat owner. There are simple ways in which you can prevent hairballs. While there really is no way to completely prevent hairballs from happening in... More

How to keep indoor cats entertained

Indoor cats are healthier and live longer than outdoor cats. Allowing a pet to go outside unsupervised is a risky decision that will expose your pet to illness and injury. Vets agree that indoor cats, as a group, are healthier and live longer than their outdoor counterparts. With a little... More

How to treat separation anxiety in dogs

How to treat separation anxiety in dogs Always ask WHY a dog is anxious, stressed, and tense whether you are around the house or your pet is home alone. Dogs can have varying levels of separation anxiety from mild to extreme leading to destruction in the home. A calm, focused, balanced dog does... More

How to bathe a dog

Taking your dog to a groomer can be expensive. Even pet stores charge upwards of $40 or $50 for a typical grooming package, and those trips will quickly add up. If you have a half hour to an hour of free time, you can bathe your dog yourself. Bathing your dog at home will save you money, but it... More

How to buy a dog grooming kit

DIY dog grooming can be easy and fun Visits to the dog groomer can get expensive. Investing in a few grooming tools of your own will save you money in the long run and help keep your pet healthy and looking smart. This guide will help you find the right tools to groom your dog at home. By... More

How to assess dog poop for health problems

The scoop on dog poop Owning a dog means at one point picking up their poop. It is the law in most cities and states. Since we are well trained in this duty, it is no stretch, once you're at ground level, to take a peek at the package once in awhile and analyze the stool. Stools come in a variety... More

How to trim a dog’s nails

Why your dog's nails may need to be trimmed In an ideal world your dog's nails would never need to be trimmed or clipped. Sufficient time spent exercising on hard surfaces such as concrete would ensure that a dog's nails were kept short and smooth. These days though the reality for most of our... More

How to do an oral inspection of a dog’s teeth

How to do an oral inspection of a dog's teeth At my last dental cleaning appointment, my dental hygenist commented how the dentist's dog had periodontal disease. It was funny at the time, but on further analysis according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 80% of all dogs have... More

How to protect a cat from fireworks

Protecting kitty. Not everyone thinks of how a cat feels on nights when the rest of the world is celebrating. Fireworks hit the skies, and the noise can often be very frightening indeed for a cat. Being a cat owner means that you have a responsibility to protect it from the dangers which are... More