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How to clean plastic headlights

How to restore plastic headlight covers Plastic headlight covers will become yellow over time due to sun exposure. They will also endure some scratches due to debris assaulting them during normal driving conditions. The plastic lenses are there to protect the bulb and they do so effectively. The... More

How to clean a windshield

Techniques to clean any windshield Many glass cleaning techniques used today can be applied to any vehicle type windshield. Let's get going and give you some pointers on how to clean and polish your windshield glass. The steps are easy and the only tools you need are cleaning supplies and arm... More

How to buy a car battery at Costco

Buying a car battery at Costco is easy. Costco is a great place to shop for everyday items provided that you have a valid membership and are able to stick to a budget. Car batteries at Costco are a great value when comparing their prices, quality and hassle-free returns policy.... More

How to add oil to a 2006 Chevy Equinox

Oil keeps everything inside your vehicle's engine lubricated and moving smoothly. If you get regular oil changes, the mechanics or technicians that change your oil should fill it up every time. Unless your vehicle develops a leak somewhere in the system, you may not ever need to add oil to your... More

How to change the oil in a Chevy Cobalt

Choosing The oil Changing the motor oil in your engine is usually a pretty straight forward simple procedure. But as with anything in life changing the oil in some cars is more complicated than others. If you're a beginner at changing oil or are having trouble finding the oil filter on your Chevy... More

How to flush a radiator

There are thousands fiery explosions every minute inside an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle and combustion temperatures reach about two thousand degrees. All that heat has to go somewhere or the engine would only last a short time. The cooling system is what keeps the engine and... More

How to add water to a car battery

Three simple steps to maintaining your vehicle battery A well maintained battery is a key component in today’s cars and trucks. The battery supplies power to the starter which turns the flywheel to start the vehicle. If the battery begins to fail, starting your vehicle may become a... More

How to add brake fluid to the clutch master cylinder

How to top up the brake fluid in your car's clutch master cylinder Topping up the clutch master cylinder reservoir is something that any car owner can tackle with confidence. This is a simple task which will make a big difference to maintaining your car, and extending the life of your clutch. As... More