How to clean a windshield

Techniques to clean any windshield

Many glass cleaning techniques used today can be applied to any vehicle type windshield. Let’s get going and give you some pointers on how to clean and polish your windshield glass.

The steps are easy and the only tools you need are cleaning supplies and arm strength.


Step 1

Preparing the windshield

The best time to clean your windshield is right after you have washed your car. Removing the dirt and bugs from the windshield during the washing process eliminates things that could cause the wiper blades to wear out. Left over bug residue from improper cleaning can cause streaking even after you have washed it. It is a good idea to take your time in cleaning the windshield because streaking can cause visibility problems at night. You may have washed the windshield good but if you don’t pay close attention to detail, the night time will show you your mistakes.

Step 2

Using a good glass cleaner and wiping cloth

Many people have their preference of glass cleaners to use, and the same preference for the cloth applies as well. What ever you use should be sprayed on to the glass abundantly. Allow the solution to sit for a few seconds to allow the cleaner to do it’s thing. The first heavy coating of glass cleaner should be worked over the glass in a circular motion, spreading the solution to all corners of the windshield.

Now is the time to use a little arm strength to loosen any hard dried dirt or left over bug residue. You may have to spray more cleaning solution, and repeat the process over again until you get the windshield properly clean. The cloth or paper towel you use is important as well. If you use a cotton cloth make sure it is soft. If the cloth has dried spots that are rough to the touch. You should look for something else to use. The blue shop towels are good for cleaning and if you don’t have those available, then an old newspaper does wonders.

Step 3

Giving your windshield a protective coating

There are many products on the market that claim they are the best in protecting your windshield and visability. Personally you should think about the kind of weather that presents itself in your area. Some are good in cold weather environments because they keep snow from sticking to the surface and causing build up that will destroy your wiper blades.

Other areas where there is less snow but more rain can use a lesser product. Many vehicle owners get the austounding performance they are looking for in a product called Rain-X. In some cases according to how heavy the rain may be. You will not even have to switch on the wiper blades. The protectant in Rain-X keeps the water smoothly out of your line of vision. The smoothness of the windshields surface does the rest and saves your wiper blades. A simple application once a month can keep your windshield in top performance.

Things Needed
• Cleaning solution.
• Cloth or paper towels.
• Windshield protectant (Rain-X) or other protectant of choice.
• Newspapers (as an alternative)

Tips & Warnings
• The first cleaning of the windshield should be done while washing the car. Then spray with copious amounts of cleaning solution.
• Take the cloth or paper towel and rub the windshield hard to work in the cleaner.
• Use a different moist clean cloth to apply the windshield protectant after cleaning.
• Warning: Keep the cleaning solution spray close to the windshield during application. Wind can cause the spray to blow back into your eyes. If this happens flush the eyes with clean water for at least a minute.


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