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How to shrink a cotton T-shirt

How to shrink a cotton t-shirt to a smaller size It is not always that you are able to find clothing that fits you exactly right. You may have purchased a T-shirt in a larger size because that was the only size available and you loved it too much to let a small matter of size prevent you from... More

How to give a soothing hand massage

Step-by-step hand massage Your hands are among the most overworked parts of your body, so why not treat them kindly and keep them in top condition with a regular massage? We read the tips from massage parlor, and in this article we decided to tell you how it... More

How to avoid and treat calluses

Treating food calluses and avoiding recurrence Foot calluses are unsightly but they can also be very painful. The pain can come with every step; have a burning sensation while trying to rest, or a shooting pain that feels like being stabbed with a needle. Painful calluses automatically force... More

How to wear cologne the right way

Tips for wearing cologne Cologne helps you smell nice. That is a proven fact, but there is a right and wrong way to wear cologne and other scented products. With the many public buildings now asking those who enter to refrain from wearing scented products, it is more important than ever to know... More

How to be a better looking guy

How to improve your manly looks What guy des not want to be viewed as attractive? It is a lot easier than most people think and it does not include plastic surgery, which is always an option, but for most people, unnecessary. Men can always improve their looks with a lot less fanfare than women... More

How to tie a tie

Step-by-step instructions for how to tie a tie Nothing says,"I mean business" like a suit and tie. For beginners, learning how to tie a tie can seem intimidating, but with a little practice, it becomes no more difficult than tying your shoes. There are several different ways to tie a tie, which... More

How to patch jeans

How to patch your jeans to cover a rip or tear We are all attached to our jeans in some way or other and often find it difficult to throw a pair of jeans out. When there are rips or tears in a pair of jeans that you absolutely love, you really don’t want to discard it , especially if you... More

How to color gray hair

Often a woman will want to hide those gray hairs. It's not so much fun getting old, and there are many user friendly products available on the market for covering up the signs of aging. One thing which should be borne in mind is that it isn't advisable to use products which have red coloring in... More

How to bleach hair platinum blonde

Turn heads with this stunning shade Platinum is the lightest shade of blonde. Since going platinum requires the use of bleach, there is always a risk of damage to the hair; therefore, this should only be attempted by someone who has experience with hair bleaching. Bleaching the hair to platinum... More

How to freshen smelly shoes

How to freshen and remove unpleasant odors from shoes Tennis shoes, running shoes, high heels and dress shoes all have something in common: a confined space that traps moisture in the lining of the shoes. The smell seems to get worse if active people play and run in the rain and leave their shoes... More