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How to shrink a cotton T-shirt

How to shrink a cotton t-shirt to a smaller size It is not always that you are able to find clothing that fits you exactly right. You may have purchased a T-shirt in a larger size because that was the only size available and you loved it too much to let a small matter of size prevent you from... More

How to be a better looking guy

How to improve your manly looks What guy des not want to be viewed as attractive? It is a lot easier than most people think and it does not include plastic surgery, which is always an option, but for most people, unnecessary. Men can always improve their looks with a lot less fanfare than women... More

How to tie a tie

Step-by-step instructions for how to tie a tie Nothing says,"I mean business" like a suit and tie. For beginners, learning how to tie a tie can seem intimidating, but with a little practice, it becomes no more difficult than tying your shoes. There are several different ways to tie a tie, which... More

How to patch jeans

How to patch your jeans to cover a rip or tear We are all attached to our jeans in some way or other and often find it difficult to throw a pair of jeans out. When there are rips or tears in a pair of jeans that you absolutely love, you really don’t want to discard it , especially if you... More

How to freshen smelly shoes

How to freshen and remove unpleasant odors from shoes Tennis shoes, running shoes, high heels and dress shoes all have something in common: a confined space that traps moisture in the lining of the shoes. The smell seems to get worse if active people play and run in the rain and leave their shoes... More

How to extend the life of your bras

Unlike the sixties, when the feminist movement urged females to burn their bras, the 21st Century has most women loving lingerie. With so much choice there are sports, glamorous, teenage, maternity, cute bras and so many more styles available. Everyday work bras may be inexpensive to buy but that... More

How to dye black clothing

How to dye black or dark clothing using the discharge dye process Dyeing black clothing is a two step process. When dyeing a lighter colored item all you need to do is apply the dye according to the dye instructions. When you dye a dark colored item, you first need to remove the color from the... More

How to dress to flatter an hourglass body type

How to dress to flatter a curvacious, hourglass figure Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe are all famous for their gorgeous hourglass figures. Long before the emphasis in fashion was placed on minimizing a woman’s body, women were obsessed with attaining the coveted hourglass figure. The... More

How to choose the best plus size prom dresses  to suit you

How to shop for beautiful plus size prom dresses It's every teenage girl's dream to have the perfect prom dress and selecting the best prom dress is important to having a wonderful and memorable prom experience. Plus sized prom dresses are available in a range of sizes,... More

How to  make nail polish last longer

Making beautiful nails last Nice looking fingernails are a fashion statement, and are as important to many women as that little black dress. Chipped or peeling fingernail polish can be frustrating and time consuming to repair, as well as unappealing. Although nicely painted nails will often look... More