How to be a better looking guy

How to improve your manly looks

What guy des not want to be viewed as attractive? It is a lot easier than most people think and it does not include plastic surgery, which is always an option, but for most people, unnecessary. Men can always improve their looks with a lot less fanfare than women and the steps to get there are fairly simple and mostly, common sense.

A great haircut, proper grooming techniques and the right fitting clothes are a great start to improve looks and become more attractive in the eyes of the beholders.


Step 1

Trim the jungle!

A full head of hair is nice, but hair that is greasy, smelly, unkempt or just unflattering to facial lines and structure is a deterrent to anyone’s good looks. Take a good look at your face and determine what features you want people to notice and get a hair cut that flatters your face and draws attention to your eyes. Most people look into other’s eyes and are not interested in a mop of hair. Shave or keep beard/moustache neatly trimmed. Trim hair in nose, eyebrows and ears, nothing is more distracting and unpleasant that facial hair gone wild.

Step 2

Clothes make the man!

Any type of clothing that makes you look sloppy also makes your body look sloppy. If the clothes are too baggy or too tight, they convey an image that you don’t know how to dress appropriate. Make sure that your clothes fit your body comfortably and leave the trendy stuff for fun outings or for the accessory section. On a regular basis, you should wear clothes that make you look and feel good. When someone looks good and feels good they carry themselves with confidence and that is extremely sexy!

Step 3

Ax the AXE!

There are too many companies competing for men’s grooming dollars and it seems that the stronger the smell with a sexy name or the intent of conveying massive attraction the greater the sales. The fact is that some of those products can be overpowering and smelling fresh does not have to be a heavy swirl of strong perfumes of competing products. Keep it simple and light and people will be more willing to approach you to get a closer sniff than to run away and open a window.

Step 4


Smiling is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of approachability. A genuine smile is the ultimate accessory for a man’s face and one of the most compelling and attractive features to both men and women. Nothing is more unattractive than yellow teeth, so getting regular cleanings and investing on an electronic toothbrush and a water pick irrigator will keep those pearly whites shinning and bad breath at bay. Bad breath is caused by bacteria collected under gums and in areas that toothbrushes don’t reach. A water pick is highly recommended as part of the daily routine.

Things Needed
• A smile
• A haircut
• A shave/trim
• Well fitting & comfortable clothes
• Subtle fragrance deodorants & colognes
• WaterPick & dental cleaning.

Tips & Warnings
• Take a good look in the mirror and see what others see.
• Find a picture on line or magazine of a guy with features like yours and determine if the haircut would work for you.
• Get your teeth professionally cleaned regularly.
• Exercise to tone muscles and stay fit.
• Invest in a WaterPick and power toothbrush.


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