How to build a woman’s fall wardrobe

Fall wardrobe basics every woman needs

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves turn to gold and orange, a woman’s wardrobe follows suit. While black is a staple of any season, in the fall, browns, golds and oranges are always popular. By mixing these warm colors with some neutrals and some textures, a woman can face the oncoming season with confidence and a splash of color. With less skin showing, it is important to cover up with materials that make the lack of exposed skin, a non-issue.

Build a wardrobe around a few basics that never go out of style and then added the extras that will make your wardrobe up to the minute with the latest styles from the current season.


Step 1

Start with all season items

There are some pieces that are a staple of a woman’s wardrobe for every season. The little black dress is a year round necessity. In the fall the addition of a shrug or a sweater will take the sleeveless dress right through to winter. The black pencil skirt is also a staple for the entire year. Lastly, a good fitting pair of dark wash blue jeans are a woman’s best wardrobe friend. These transitional items are the start of the fall wardrobe.

Step 2

Fall weight dress slacks

No fall wardrobe would be complete with out a pair of fall weight slacks. Wool is a great material since it is both warm and durable. If wool is not an option, flannel or tweed are other great choices. Choose a neutral shade to allow for more versatility. You can choose a newer style waist or go for the classic, either one will give you lots of options.

Step 3

The coat

When it comes to the fall coat, both the trench and the pea coat offer great wear-ability. Choose one of the fall neutrals such as brown or gray or go for the basic black or tan. You want your coat to be able to coordinate with the other pieces in your wardrobe.

Step 4

The white button down shirt

A staple wardrobe item is the white button down shirt. For fall, choose long sleeves. You can opt for man tailoring, a ruffled front or cuff, cotton or light weight silk. This shirt will go well with the pencil skirt, jeans and the dress slacks.

Step 5


One of the work horses of any wardrobe is the blazer. You can choose leather, wool, flannel, tweed or corduroy. These come in many colors but choosing a fall basic that matches your other pieces is important. Save the fashion colors for accessories or tees and turtlenecks. Go with a tone of brown, gray or black for the maximum bang for your buck.

Step 6

Tees and turtlenecks

This is where you can add some fall colors. Pick up the golds and oranges, greens if your coloring is right and even some pastels. These are inexpensive and can go from the office to dinner and even out on a date. You can choose cotton for weekends and more expensive materials for work and after.

Step 7


A good basic cardigan will give you a lot of wear. They are warm and stylish and come in a variety of styles from a shrug to a coat. Since these are less expensive, you can opt for something textured or a little wilder than your basics. Another great cover up is a fleece jacket or vest, these are perfect for weekends and casual wear.

Step 8


No fall wardrobe would be complete without a pair of boots. It can be UGGs, high healed and knee high or a snappy ankle boots. You choose what fits your lifestyle best. Pick a color that will match the majority of your wardrobe, these will become a real basic.

Step 9

Finish up

Add a few wild and colorful accessories, a scarf, a hat, some jewelry and you are almost done. You will be needing a warm and snugly robe and some fuzzy slippers to be prepared to face the cooler weather. You can build a very basic fall wardrobe with these items and then have fun with trendy items that will guarantee that you are fashion forward. Use the majority of your budget to get some good solid basics that will last for many seasons and then add the bling.

Things Needed
• A basic cardigan
• Wool dress slacks
• A blazer
• Trench coat
• Something tweed
• Boots
• Accessories

Tips & Warnings
• Buy good quality basics
• Don’t waste much money on trendy items
• Buy a lot of inexpensive accessories


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