How to camouflage a beer belly

Hiding that tummy efficiently

Beer bellies are a common occurrence these days and although blamed on beer drinking, over-eating plays it’s part if you are honest about it. It’s hard to get back into shape once your tummy gets big, but by taking a look at what you are wearing and how people perceive you, you can make a whole load of difference to your appearance.


Step 1

Admitting your size

Vanity plays a huge role here. A man doesn’t want to confess his size sometimes, and instead of taking their appearance seriously, they let vanity get in the way, wearing clothes of the size they used to wear. What happens when you do this is that the belly protrudes even more. Be honest with yourself because only by being honest can you move on. By wearing those old pants, the fat that should be tucked neatly away has to go somewhere and tends to hang over your belt making you look silly. Similarly with t-shirts and shirts. By keeping hold of those old ones, the flesh that should be neatly tucked away can’t hide, because the shirts are too small. Again, your vanity isn’t doing you any favors. With shirts and T shirts that are too small, bulged occur, you get to see more than you bargained for and everything you wanted to hide is emphasized.

Step 2

Finding your right size and style

Get yourself measured, and don’t take to heart the fact that you grew. Think of it like this. Did it matter as a child that you grew out of your clothes upwards ? Just because you are growing outwards should make no difference. You need new clothing. When you have been measured take a look at the clothing in your range. You might be nicely surprised trying on clothing that fits.

Step 3


Choose pants with a little elastic adjustment, so that your body has room to move without being constricted. Don’t worry too much about the waistline, as in this voyage of discovery, we will find ways to camouflage it. Try keeping away from tie wastes. They don’t look nice on overweight people, and make you look like a sack of potatoes tied up with string. Choose a boot cut style, because the boot cut is more flattering than straight styles and will take emphasis away from your belly. For casuals, go for jogging pants in darker shades and forget bright colors.

Colors should be subtle and pretty nondescript. Never choose light colors that emphasize size. For summer, go for Khaki colors or medium to dark browns.

Step 4

Sweaters and T-shirts

Having established that what you wear is too small for you, and looking at your proper size range will show you that not only are T-shirts wider, but they are also longer. It’s all part of the overall plan since a longer vision of T-shirt extends the area it covers upwards or downwards, rather than outwards. Polo shirts are tidy and neat, though avoid all primary colors. Go for subtle shades that go with your trousers. Never clash colors with trousers, as people will get drawn into looking at those clashes and inevitably your belly.

Wear T shirts and shirts not tucked in. Let them drape over the waistband of the trousers, and what you will find is that the shirt actually hides the tummy quite well, though it doesn’t stop here. For shirt styles, go for medium cut and not huge. You don’t need baggy because it makes you look even bigger, whereas a size that sits nicely against your pants will look better.

Step 5


Women are particularly good at putting accessories together, though men haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. NEVER wear belts, preferring to have elasticated adjustment to trousers, because belts do exactly what your old trousers did and pull you inwards. Instead take attention away from your belly. Cardigans are a great accessory as are very thin sweaters. You can wear a sweater over your shoulders, drawing the attention to the shoulders area. This not only looks stylish, but really does help the eye of the beholder to look at something different than your tummy. Get a new style of haircut and stop looking dowdy. Perhaps a mustache or a beard would help, and here, all the time these natural accessories take attention away from podge.

Things Needed
• Honest appraisal
• Change of style
• Colors which help hide the layers

Tips & Warnings
• Never wear clothing which is too tight
• Look regularly in the mirror
• Be aware of health problems overweight people have


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