How to care for a leather jacket

Loving your leather jacket

A leather jacket is a fashion statement. You can choose a classic style, a biker style, a bomber jacket or choose something a rock star would love. Many people hesitate to buy a leather jacket because they are afraid of the care involved. Think about it, this is an animal skin, it took good care of the animal it came from with minimal care and it will do the same for you. The beauty of leather is that is gets softer and more supple the more you wear it. It gets better with age. Wear your jacket and love it, with these few tips, you will know how to care for it.


Step 1

Always remember that leather is a natural product. It requires a little special treatment because of that. Living things breath, remember that your leather jacket is going to want to breath. Never store it in a plastic bag. If you want to cover it, use a cotton dust cover.

Step 2

Leather is soft and it adjusts to your shape with wearing. What you don’t want it to adjust to is the shape of a hanger. Don’t use a cheap metal hanger on your good leather jacket. A padded hanger is the best but a nice wooden hanger will also work. Don’t hang off a hook unless you like a point in the back of your neck.

Step 3

Leather is often waterproof so the water will bead up and sit on it. If you get your jacket extremely wet, be sure to wipe it dry when you get home and place it somewhere to dry. Don’t place it near a heat source or fan, just hang it so that it can dry on its own. Watch carefully for mold or mildew, this can be very damaging to your jacket.

Step 4

Don’t lay or hang your leather jacket in direct sunlight for long periods of time. It can not only dry out which will affect the texture and life of the leather but it can also fade dark colors, especially black.

Step 5

When you leather jacket gets dirty, has a stain or has a rip or tear, take it to a professional for care. A leather jacket is not an inexpensive investment, it is best to let the people who know the proper way to care for leather handle the big jobs.

If it is a small spot or light dirt, you can use a damp rag to wipe it down with as little water as possible, a tiny amount of a gentle dish liquid can also be used. When in doubt check the manufacturers cleaning directions or ask the dealer you purchased your coat from. Some leather may need to be moisturized with a product designed especially for that purpose but only if it is recommend for that type of leather jacket. Milk oil is only good in very small amounts and can darken the leather as well which is not good for lighter colors.

With these few tips you can enjoy your leather jacket for many years to come, especially if you choose a classic style.

Things Needed
• A padded hanger

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t store your jacket wet, it will damage it.


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