How to choose the best plus size prom dresses to suit you

How to choose the best plus size prom dresses  to suit you

How to shop for beautiful plus size prom dresses

It’s every teenage girl’s dream to have the perfect prom dress and selecting the best prom dress is important to having a wonderful and memorable prom experience. Plus sized prom dresses are available in a range of sizes, anywhere from size 14 to size 44 so there is no shortage of attractive and sexy plus sized prom dresses.

For that special day you will want to look your absolute best and it is very important that you understand that you can wear a beautiful prom dress and look stunning at your prom. Finding the perfect fit will require that you follow certain guidelines to ensure that you get a great prom dress for your body type in the style you crave.


Step 1

Love your body

If you want to find the the best prom dress for your size start by forgetting all the media hype about 0 sizes. If you love your body you are better able to look for a prom dress with confidence and choose one that flatters your body.

Step 2

Know your body type

Plus size women come in varying body types and shapes. Knowing your body type and what works best to highlight or minimize certain features is essential to finding the right prom dress

Step 3

Find your focal point

Your focal point is that part of your body where your accessories and clothing draw attention to. One simple way to determine your focal point is to stand in front of your mirror and close your eyes. When you open your eyes see where your gaze is drawn to and that is your focal point. Choose a prom dress or accessories that will distract gazes away from, or toward your focal point.

Step 4

Browse for current fashion trends

Look through magazines, online catalogs and review the current trends for the year. Current prom fashions come in all sizes so before you shop for a prom dress do some research on the trends, colors and styles for the current year. Make notes and keep scrap book of styles that go well with your body and size. This gives you a great visual of how you could look in a certain style and color, especially if the models are plus size.

Step 5

Try on different styles

Try on different styles that flatter your body. As you do so, ask for feedback from a friend or the sales person, and ask them to be brutally honest. Ensure that you have sufficient time to do so and that you are calm and relaxed throughout the fittings.

Step 6

Shop around and compare

Select a few stores that you would like to explore further. Prom dresses can be expensive and if cost is a concern it is always a bgood idea to look for a similar style at a flower price. However, you don’t want to sacrifice a good fit for a few dollars. If you find a prom dres that fits you perfectly then the extra cost is worth it.

Step 7

Alter to fit

Sometimes you find just the dress you want but it may be too big , too small or too long. It may also have a bow of some feature that you don’t like and is not complimentary to a good fit. All is not lost as most stores have dressmakers on staff who are all too wiling to alter your dress so that you get the fit you want. Be prepared to pay an extra charge for the service.

Step 8

Order a custom made prom dress

If you don’t find what you like in the stores, or it you would like to wear your own creation, you can have your prom dress custom made. Find a reputable dressmaker who would recreate your prom dress vision. Be prepared for several fittings to ensure that the fit is just right. It is advisable to start this process a few months in advance.

Things Needed
• A healthy dose of confidence
• A love for your body attributes
• Patience

Tips & Warnings
• Do not be intimidated by prom day
• Try as many dresses as needed until you find the one.
• Compare prices for similar dresses
• Emphasize your best features


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