How to dress to flatter an hourglass body type

How to dress to flatter an hourglass body type

How to dress to flatter a curvacious, hourglass figure

Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe are all famous for their gorgeous hourglass figures. Long before the emphasis in fashion was placed on minimizing a woman’s body, women were obsessed with attaining the coveted hourglass figure.

The hourglass figure refers to a body that is curvaceous. The formula normally refered to for an hourglass figure is that the hips and bust are of equal measurements while the waist is around 75% or less of either measurement. So it was not unusual to hear a perfect figure referred to as 36 -27-36, or 40 — 30 — 40.

For many women, achieving an hourglass figure meant the wearing of extreme corsets. If you already have an hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, you should be proud of your figure and dress to flatter your figure rather than to de-emphasize your features.


Step 1


Wearing clothing with a certain type of neckline will help show off your curvy figure. Low cut necklines, wide scooped necklines or off shoulder are all ideal for flattering your best assets and balancing your figure.

Step 2


Wear dresses that have an A-Line cut, dresses with a clinched waist or dresses that are narrow at the hips with a tapered flare. Wrap dresses are ideal for the hourglass figure as they define the waist and balance the hourglass figure.

Step 3


Buttoned down blouses with the top 2 buttons undone is one way to flatter your figure, Other blouse styles to choose include wrap tops. Wrap tops define the breasts and the waist. Jersey type or stretch material that smoothly cinch the waist and hug the hips are excellent choices.

Step 4


A skirt should emphasis the waist and compliment the rest of your hourglass figure. Choose skirts that flare gently at the bottom or wrap skirts. Avoid bulky pleats and gathers that mask your figure.

Step 5


Whether you buy jeans or slacks, you can flatter your hourglass figure with clean cut, sleek fitting pants that show off your curves. Stay away from pants with pleats and large bulky pockets.

Step 6


Select fitted jackets that are tapered at the waist and fit just above the hips. Double breasted jackets are also a great compliment to the hourglass body type.

Step 7


You can further flatter your hourglass figure by wearing a belt with your dress, skirt or pants. Try a belted, military style jacket or a belt to accessorize your dress and define your hourglass body.

Step 8


Two of the most important pieces of underwear you will need to flatter your hourglass figure are bras and shapewear. Choose bras that are well fitting, even though they may cost a little more. There are a variety of lightweight shapewear available that would help define your waist and hips, giving you a smooth curvy look.

Things Needed
• Pride in your hourglass figure
• A tape measure to determine your size
• Current information on fashion trends

Tips & Warnings
• Love your hourglass figure
• Do not try to hide your assets
• Dress your figure to show off your curves and create balance
• Avoid baggy clothes that hide your curves or add pounds where you don’t have.


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