How to make nail polish last longer

Making beautiful nails last

Nice looking fingernails are a fashion statement, and are as important to many women as that little black dress. Chipped or peeling fingernail polish can be frustrating and time consuming to repair, as well as unappealing.

Although nicely painted nails will often look beautiful to begin with, it’s also important to make sure they stay that way for a long lasting effect. This isn’t a matter of sheer luck, it’s a matter of taking a few simple steps to make it happen.


Step 1

Start with a good manicure

Making sure that nails are trimmed and manicured will help to keep them strong, and thus to avoid cracks or peeling that can chip a beautiful polish job. It will also ensure that polish will have a nice, neat surface to stick to and will make nails easier to paint evenly.

Step 2

Make sure nails are clean and dry

Wash hands prior to polishing to remove any oils or dirt that may be adhering to the surface of fingernails. Pat nails dry to remove excess water. Then, allow them to air dry until they are free of any moisture before applying any polish. Applying polish to a dry surface will help to give it longevity.

Step 3

Use a good quality clear base coat

Applying a thin layer of base coat will help to keep nails stronger. It will also allow polish a smooth surface to adhere to. Some base coats come in a nail nourishing formula to help nails stay healthy, and to avoid unwanted effects to fingernails from chemicals that may be in certain nail polish formulas.

Step 4

Use a good quality, fresh nail polish

Always use a quality fingernail polish to achieve long lasting wear and the best look. Cheaper formulas have a tendency to discolor nails, chip, and flake much easier. Fresh polish will glide on with ease, whereas old nail polish will tend to get sticky and clump when applied, then to chip once dried.

Step 5

Apply polish in thin layers

Using thin layers of polish is important to make it last, as thick layers will be more likely to chip and flake. Several thin coats, topped with another layer of the previously applied base coat will make a glistening finish that lasts. Always make sure each coat dries completely before applying the next.

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Things Needed
• Manicure tools
• Base coat
• Fingernail polish

Tips & Warnings
• Be sure to remove all traces of any old polish before beginning


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