How to paint jeans

How to paint jeans

How to paint your jeans to create a wearable work of art

You can make any pair of jeans your own personalized by decorating them with fabric paint. If you have a great fitting pair of jeans that is beginning to look somewhat shabby but you would rather not throw it out just yet, you don’t have to. Turn a well worn pair of jeans into a new fashion statement with decorative fabric art.

When you purchase a brand new pair of jeans, you may want to add some decorative touches to make them more attractive. Here you have a fresh and new untouched canvas to display your art work. Painted jeans are not only fashionable, they are a showcase of your individuality, creativity and a one-of-a-kind design.


Step 1

Prepare the jeans

Wash the jeans and place in the dryer on tumble dry. Jeans should be slightly damp. Washing the jeans helps remove any dirt, grease or factory residue which could impair the painting process.

Step 2

Prepare work area

Select a flat surface in a well ventilated room or outside. Cover the surface with plastic or old newspapers. Lay pants on the surface with the side you want to paint facing upward. Place plastic or newspaper inside the jeans, between the back and front of the jeans, to avoid any paint seepage.

Step 3

Freestyle painting

In this style of painting, you use the brushes and paint to make strokes on the portions of the jeans you want to paint. You can make horizontal, vertical, round and other creative brush strokes. Let your imagination run wild.

Step 4

Painting with a stencil

Many stencils are available at your craft store or you can cut your own. Position the stencil over the area you wish to paint and use a brush to apply paint . You can use a variety of stencils including birds, flowers and animals.

Step 5

Block printing

You can buy pre-cut printing blocks but you can also make your own with items around the home. One way is to cut a large potato in half, lengthwise. Cut out a design in the flesh of the potato. Place face down in sufficient paint to cover the design then press on the jeans. Repeat as many times as needed.

Step 6

Splatter paint

Place 1 part fabric paint to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Spray freestyle all over the jeans or in whatever design you want.

Step 7

Dry and Set

When you have finished your painting, hang to dry and iron to set paint. Ensure to cover the painted portion with an old pillowcase or towel before you iron.

Things Needed
• I pair of jean, new or old
• A variety of fabric paints
• Old newspaper or plastic
• Iron
• Venilated room
• Covered surface
• Paint brushes
• Water and plastic containers

Tips & Warnings
• Choose fabric paints that are suitable for dark fabrics if your jeans are dark coloured.
• To paint the back side of the jeans also, ensure that the front is dried first. Use clean covers for the work area.


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