How to patch jeans

How to patch your jeans to cover a rip or tear
How to patch jeans

We are all attached to our jeans in some way or other and often find it difficult to throw a pair of jeans out. When there are rips or tears in a pair of jeans that you absolutely love, you really don’t want to discard it , especially if you love the fit. You don’t have to. Adding a patch to your jeans is both stylish and practical and can ensure that you get many more good years out of your jeans.

Patching your jeans is also a way to express your creativity. You can come up with interesting ways to make your jeans reflect your own personality by experimenting with different decorative patches even when your jeans are in perfect condition. This guide will show you how to cover rips or holes in jeans with a patch.


Step 1

Identify an area or areas of the jeans you wish to cover with a patch.

Step 2

Using a chalk, outline the area of the rip, tear or hole you would like to place the patch.

Step 3

Select your patch and cut to fit the area to be patched allowing for a � inch hem . You can choose from a variety of fabric scraps like tapestry, florals or plain.

Step 4

Iron the piece if needed to ensure it lays flat on the jeans. Place patch over the required area on the outside of the jeans, right side up and pin in place.

Step 5

Using a needle and thread, base loosely around the outer edges of the patch ensuring it goes through the pant fabric. The edges should be turned in for hemming.

Step 6

Stitch the patch on securely using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, ensuring to keep the patch from buckling.

Step 7

Turn pants over to the wrong side and carefully cut away the ripped portion within a � inch of the stitched area.

Step 8

Iron patch and decorate with paint or other embellishments if required

Things Needed
• A good pair of scissors
• An iron
• Fabric scraps or purchased patch
• Needle and thread
• Sewing machine — optional

Tips & Warnings
• Beginner sewing skill required for this project
• Ensure patch is secured flatly over the area before the final stitch.
• If using a pre-purchased patch follow the instructions for applying
• Get creative by using different textures and designs according to your taste.
• Avoid using fabric for patching that is too flimsy


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