How to remove a ring that’s stuck on a finger

A stuck ring can be uncomfortable and even painful

Using a little patience and the tips for easily removing a ring from your finger can make it much easier and less painful. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and not panic. If you tug and pull on a stuck ring too hard, it can make the swelling worse and the ring will become even tighter.

Follow the instructions below and work the ring off the finger gently and slowly. Take your time and be sure to use very cold water to help reduce any swelling. Remember that the more you try to force a ring off your finger without reducing swelling and using a good lubricant, the tighter it is likely to become.

Once the ring is removed, determine the cause of it becoming stuck. If there were unusual circumstances that caused some swelling of your hands, that’s important to know. But if the ring is simply too small and it was forced on your hand, it’s time to get the ring resized.


Step 1

Place your hand in icy cold water.

Cold water helps relieve swelling and makes it easier to maneuver a ring from your finger. Hold your hand in a sink of cold water with a few cubes of ice for about a minute or two.

Step 2

Pour a liberal amount of lubricant on the finger and all around the ring.

Baby oil, cooking oil, or a similar type of lubricant works well. Soap can be used but it is not as effective as oil. Gently massage the oil around the finger for about 30 seconds or more and allow it to slide between the ring band and finger.

Step 3

Lightly compress the knuckle below the ring.

Gently pressing on the knuckle will help distribute the blood flow and make it easier to remove the ring.

Step 4

Gently rotate and pull the ring towards the knuckle.

Pull gently, yet snugly, on the ring. It may be a little uncomfortable as it approaches and passes the knuckle, but with a gentle pressure it should come off.

Step 5

Wash hands in cold water.

Once the ring is removed, gently wash hands in cold water for a few minutes to continue relieving any potential swelling.

You will Need
✯ Baby oil, cooking oil, or similar lubricant
✯ Cold water
✯ Ice

Tips & Warnings
✯ Do not jerk or pull the ring too hard or you may damage your skin and finger.
✯ Rotate and pull the ring slowly — working slowly is most effective.
✯ If this process doesn’t work, a jeweler can usually cut the ring from the finger painlessly and repair it.


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