How to rent handbags

When you can’t afford to own, rent a handbag

For most women, owning a highend designer handbag is a dream. Today, you can make that dream come true. There are many places and websites that offer the option of renting a purse that would be too expensive for you to own. It is also a great way to take a really fabulous handbag to an event and not have to buy it. When you will only need a purse once, why buy it when you can rent for a fraction of the cost.


Step 1

Decide what you want

Before you look for a website to provide you with the perfect purse, decide exactly what you want. The rental sites will have lots of options. It can be quite overwhelming and tempting at the same time. Decide on a color and a style before you begin to search. If you have a specific designer in mind, then stick to that as well. Don’t let all the choices confuse or distract you from your mission.

Step 2

Find the website

Go to Google or Bing or whatever search engine your use and put in the phrase «rent a handbag» or ‘rent a purse» either will do. If you want you can also include the word designer. You are going to get a lot of websites. Pick a handful of them and start the search. Not all of them will offer the same handbags. You want to find out who has what you want first before you decide which company to choose.

Step 3

Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Barrow or Steal has been around for a while and they are one of the major outlets for designer bag rentals. They also offer their bags for sale so if you fall in love with one that you have been renting, you can find out what it would cost to own. They are a membership site and offer special deals for their members. You can rent from them however, without being a member. If you like to change your bag often and keep it a while, membership is a more economical option.

Step 4

Local Store

In some areas, there are stores that actually will rent out a purse. You will need to check with the stores in your area. Start with the smaller boutique types of shops, they are more likely to be open to renting. You can check with stores that rent out prom wear as well, often they rent out accessories.

Things Needed
• Computer
• Good Credit
• Credit Card
• A desire for the latest fashions

Tips & Warnings
• Read the rental agreement carefully. You don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises.
• Care for the bag as if it was borrowed, actually it is.
• Be sure to return the handbag when it is due back.


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