How to soften new jeans

How to soften new jeans

How to soften new jeans for a more comfortable feel

Even though it is well known that denim jeans are made from very heavy duty fabric and as such can be stiff and rough at times, we still like our jeans to fit and feel like a glove. This is not always possible when we buy jeans.

As much as the manufacturer will attempt to soften the jeans during processing, you can get a pair of jeans that are somewhat uncomfortable due to their stiff feel on your body. A lot has to do with the brand of jeans you purchase. However, there is no need to suffer with a stiff pair of jeans. While the more pricey jeans might be softer, you can save a lot by softening the pair of bargain jeans you purchased. Here is how.


Step 1

Remove all price and descriptive tags from the Jeans. This does not include the sewed on tags.

Step 2

Set your washer to cold water wash and add detergent and fabric softener in the usual way. Dry using moderate temperature or tumble dry setting. Jeans should be slightly damp to the touch when removed from the dryer. In other words, do not dry completely.

Step 3

Turn jeans inside out and place on a towel covered ironing board or table.

Step 4

Use the sandpaper to brush the jeans, one leg at a time as well as the upper portion. This will release some excess fibers.

Step 5

Shake jeans to dislodge debris and pull the jeans in all directions to stretch the jeans. Do this carefully to avoid any tears or excess stress to the fabric.

Step 6

Fold one leg on top of the other and roll jeans tightly. Using the palm of your hands, roll the jeans back and forth on a solid surface. Unroll and pull to stretch again.

Step 7

Set your washer for hot water wash and place jeans in the washer. When cycle completed, place in dryer on hot. Add wet towels and fabric softner sheets to the dryer and dry completely.

Step 8

When dry, iron jeans. This helps to further soften the jeans. You may need to repeat the process more than once to get the desired effect.

Things Needed
✯ A pair of jeans
✯ A washer and dryer
✯ Fabric softner
✯ Iron
✯ Coarse sandpaper
✯ A couple bath towels

Tips & Warnings
✯ Try this process first with a less expensive pair of jeans
✯ Take care not to damage your jeans during this process.
✯ Instead of using your palms to roll jeans, you can use a wood mallet to gently pound the jeans
✯ Excessive washing can weaken the fibers in your jeans and while this would soften it, it could also shorten its live.


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