How to color gray hair

Often a woman will want to hide those gray hairs. It’s not so much fun getting old, and there are many user friendly products available on the market for covering up the signs of aging. One thing which should be borne in mind is that it isn’t advisable to use products which have red coloring in them. The gray hairs have no color pigment, and what can happen if you use reds is that the red is exaggerated making the overall look of the hair unnatural. Choose a color which is the nearest to your natural color, preferring to opt for dark or light shades rather than reddish tints. If this is the first time you have ever used a product for covering gray hair, be aware that the areas of gray must be covered with the product and particular attention should be paid to your fringe and the side areas of your hair, where natural graying occurs. It is also wise to buy a product which has a known make rather than cheap alternatives. L’Oreal’s view on this is one worth bearing in mind that a good product is worth consideration simply «because you’re worth it.»


Step 1

Choose a suitable product.

Many hair dyes on the market are great for adding a little extra color. If you want to cover grays, make sure that the color you choose advertises that the color covers grays. This is vital. Try and avoid those colors with red in them, as the grey hair has lost its pigmentation, and the red will be exaggerated when you use it. Choose good quality products as these are essential to success.

Step 2

Read and understand the instructions.

Don’t be fooled into thinking all dye products are the same. They take different times to develop the color. Read carefully how much time the product will need and all the guidelines given with the product.

Step 3

Prepare the space where you work.

Make sure that you have adequate passage of air in the chosen room as the product will have a strong odor. Make sure also that you have an old tee-shirt on or at least clothing which won’t be damaged by the dye in case of accident. Have a towel ready to use for your shoulders, and always wear the gloves given with the product during the dying process.

Step 4

Mix the product.

Most hair dying products these days come in a two bottle method. You have to mix the tube of color with the developer. Squeeze the tube of color into the bottle and firmly close the bottle. Shake thoroughly as the mixture must be well blended and even.

Step 5

Comb product into your hair.

Make sure that you have the gloves on which come with the kit. Part the hair in the center, and work the product through from the roots. Part the hair again, and gradually work down the sides and back of hair. Remember that the back is the most vulnerable area because you cannot see what you are doing, so take care with this area of the head. The other parts which are vulnerable to grays are the fringe and the sides of the hair. Add product to roots and part the hair again, until the whole head has been covered. Then, use the rest of the product to capture all the length of the hair, curling the whole area of hair onto the top of the head.

Step 6

Leave hair during the development time.

Keep an eye on the clock, and be ready to rinse the hair when the allotted time has been reached. During this proces, you may find that the product stains the forehead and neck area. This can be wiped although it will wipe off during the rinsing period.

Step 7

Rinse hair.

Rinse the hair with warm water. Rinse until the water runs clear. Make sure that you do rinse it well at this stage.

Step 8

Add conditioner.

All products offer a sachet of conditioner, and although the quantity may sometimes seem a little mean, use this to best effect by massaging it into the scalp and then to the ends of the hair.

Step 9

Rinse off conditioner.

Rinse the hair thoroughly. It should squeak when you run a piece of hair between two finger and thumb.

Step 10

Style and dry hair.

At this stage, towel dry your hair, and then style it as normal, drying with a medium heat hair dryer. Your color will have taken and your grays will be gone.

You will Need
• Hair dye.
• Comb.
• Old clothing.
• Old towels.
• Access to warm water.
• Clock.

Tips & Warnings
• Do not wear good clothing when dying your hair.
• Keep products of this nature away from children.
• Take a note of the product used so you can buy the same next time.


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