How to crimp hair

How to crimp hair

Fed up of that flat look? Girls who are born with straight hair can get a wonderful feeling of volume by crimping their hair. Crimpers wave the hair in a way which leaves the hair flowing with uniform curls, and crimping done properly can give a girl that party look. It takes the hair away from that drab look into a sparklingly fashionable look that feels great and can be washed out of your hair once the party is over. The nice thing about crimping your hair is the temporary nature of crimping, as opposed to more permanent methods of curling your hair.


Step 1

Prepare for the crimp of your life.

Wash your hair and be sure to use a good quality conditioner. Dry the hair thoroughly and make sure that the hair is brushed and tangle free.

Step 2

Section the hair.

In the image above, the crimping is uneven. To make sure that your crimping is even and hangs down nicely, section the hair and clip those portions not being worked on out of the way. The crimpers should work on the full thickness of the hair, though it’s vital to ensure that you don’t work on the same portion over and over, as this makes the look messy.

Step 3

If extra volume is required.

If you need extra volume section the hair into two layers, as the bottom layer of crimping will give the upper layer a lot more body. Otherwise crimp in single layers as instructed below.

Step 4

Warm the crimpers.

Warm the crimpers and also go by the manufacturer’s instructions when judging the amount of time these need to be heated.

Step 5

Test your hair’s reaction to crimpers.

Everyone is different. Try out a small portion of hair in the crimpers and count how much time it takes to set firm ridges in your hair. Rub the hair with mouse before applying the crimpers to protect it from the heat.

Step 6

Working on each section.

Take one section at a time and add protector, placing the hair at the root end into the crimpers. The crimpers only work on a small portion at a time. Hold them in place for several seconds and then move them in a downward direction to the next section of hair. Continue until the whole length of that section of hair is crimped.

Step 7

Work all sections of the hair.

Work through all the different sections of the hair and avoid crimping any fringe. The fringe area does not react well with crimpers and should be curled under using ordinary curling tongs.

Step 8

Gently brush finish the hair.

When all the hair has been crimped, gently brush through the hair to take out any hardness caused by the mousse, though do not over-brush it since this may spoil the look.

Step 9

Finish the hair.

Add a gentle spray of either a good quality hairspray or a glitter spray for that perfect party look.

Step 10

Choose your style.

Once you have become accustomed to using crimpers, try out different styles. Some prefer their hair to be flat on top. Others crimp the full length of the hair. Try experimenting to find your perfect look.

You will Need
• Electric crimpers.
• Shampoo.
• Conditioner.
• Hair protective mousse.
• Hair clips.
• Comb.
• Towel.
• Hairbrush.

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful not to expose the hair to too much heat at a time. It doesn’t help the style and dries out the hair.


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