How to curl hair with rags

Rag curling is an old technique used to produce regular curls in your hair. This is ideally suited to long hair. A great alternative to using rollers, the ability to sleep in rags makes it the best solution for producing overnight curls. Ringlets are a particularly good result from using rags and a little girl can look particularly attractive if her hair is prepared into a curly style using them. For the adult, these are an alternative way to produce long lasting curls, though the technique is important, since this dictates the fall of the curls.


Step 1

Wash your hair.

Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and dry it until it is almost dry. Feeling areas of the hair will reveal if a little dampness remains. This gives best results.

Step 2

Comb your hair.

Comb through your hair to get rid of any knots. Comb gently and work on any knots in a gentle manner so as not to damage hair.

Step 3

Separate portions of your hair.

The rags are put into small sections of your hair as shown in the illustration above. For this you will need to work from the base of the hair to the top layer. Separate the layers, and pin those not being curled at the present time away from your working area.

Step 4

Add extra water or styling mousse.

At each stage of curling your hair, use your water spray or styling mousse to add extra volume and fix to the hair being curled.

Step 5

Curling a section of hair.

Take a small section of hair, and using the rag at the ends of the hair, curl the hair around the rag in the direction you wish the curls to fall. This is vital. As you curl the hair, this moves the rag and curled hair up towards the scalp area. When the curl is high enough, tie the two ends of the rag together in an easy to untie knot or bow.

Step 6

Never curling the hair to the roots.

Avoid over curling as the curls should fall gently at the side of the head. The curling process should be lower than the top of the head and the curls not be produced too near to the roots of the hair.

Step 7

Back of hair.

The back is tackled in the same way as the sides, the lower portion being tackled first. Then curl the upper sections.

Step 8

Working over the side sections of the hair.

As you finish the lower section, start to work in a similar manner on the upper sections of hair, finishing both sides.

Step 9

Time for curls to set.

This method of curling is best used overnight. The reason people use curling rags is that they are more comfortable for good sleep. These need to be removed in the morning.

Step 10

Removing the rags.

Start in the same order as you worked before, and gentle untie the rags one by one, allowing the hair to fall naturally. Do not brush at this stage.

Step 11

Brushing the hair.

The style should be brushed gently as this allows all the curls to form the complete style. If you have any curls which are straying into the wrong place, you can correct these with the use of curling tongs.

You will Need
• Cotton rags cut into strips, preferably made of a pastel colored cotton.
• Water spray.
• Styling mousse. (Alternative)
• Comb.
• Hair pins.

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful with the direction you curl your hair.


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