How to grow long hair

Women who have lush, long locks would grab attention of everyone. Whatever type of hair nature has blessed you with does not matter, when considering growing it longer. The truth is that having long hair does not require any sort of expensive hair product or hair growth boosting supplement. Simple daily care, determination, and little patience is all that is required to attain healthy hair growth.


Step 1

Trim the ends when required

Trimming away damaged hair is essential to have healthy hair growth. Visit a hair stylist for guidance. If the ends are damaged, as in the case of split ends, it is better to get it trimmed. If the shaft of the hair is damaged, frequent trimming may be required until you attain healthy looking hair. Trimming the ends once every 4-6 weeks may be a good idea, but let the stylist determine the length of hair that needs to be trimmed.

Step 2

Avoid unnecessary hair styling

Use of hair dryers, hair styling curlers and hair straightening irons must be limited. Use them only when it is very essential. Allow hair to dry naturally and use hair dryers at the end of drying, only if it seems essential. If you are keen to use a blow dryer, hold it away from the hair and use it on a low setting.

Step 3

Avoid chemical hair colors

Avoid using chemical hair colors as they can damage hair in the long run. Use natural henna to colour the hair or use organic colors. Natural henna does not come in different shades as blonde or brown or black and stay away from henna treated or mixed with other chemicals.

Step 4

Use hair-safe accessories.

Avoid tight rubber bands and hair accessories with metal parts that can damage hair. Use soft scrunchies that are gentle on the hair. Avoid plastic combs with rough edges. Using a wide toothed comb can be ideal for combing long hair. Avoid rubbing hair vigrously with a towel and stay away from combing wet hair.

Step 5

Oil wraps.

Olive oil wraps are ideal for treating damaged hair. They can transform hair into smooth and lustrous hair. Rubbing hair and scalp with warm olive oil helps treat damaged ends and dandruff problems. Adding egg along with olive oil can add shine that you always desired. Wraps done once every month can promote better hair growth.

Step 6

Nutritious food

Healthy long hair can be attained with the right food intake. Include plenty of protein, iron, zinc, B Vitamin rich foods for healthy hair growth. Diary products, green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits also help in healthy hair growth.

Things Needed
• Olive oil
• Egg
• Scissors

Tips & Warnings
• Avoid tight rubber bands and bands with metal parts.
• The oil for oil wrap must be warm, but avoid using hot oil.


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