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How to extend the life of your bras

Unlike the sixties, when the feminist movement urged females to burn their bras, the 21st Century has most women loving lingerie. With so much choice there are sports, glamorous, teenage, maternity, cute bras and so many more styles available. Everyday work bras may be inexpensive to buy but that... More

How to dye black clothing

How to dye black or dark clothing using the discharge dye process Dyeing black clothing is a two step process. When dyeing a lighter colored item all you need to do is apply the dye according to the dye instructions. When you dye a dark colored item, you first need to remove the color from the... More

How to dress to flatter an hourglass body type

How to dress to flatter a curvacious, hourglass figure Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe are all famous for their gorgeous hourglass figures. Long before the emphasis in fashion was placed on minimizing a woman’s body, women were obsessed with attaining the coveted hourglass figure. The... More

How to choose the best plus size prom dresses  to suit you

How to shop for beautiful plus size prom dresses It's every teenage girl's dream to have the perfect prom dress and selecting the best prom dress is important to having a wonderful and memorable prom experience. Plus sized prom dresses are available in a range of sizes,... More

How to  make nail polish last longer

Making beautiful nails last Nice looking fingernails are a fashion statement, and are as important to many women as that little black dress. Chipped or peeling fingernail polish can be frustrating and time consuming to repair, as well as unappealing. Although nicely painted nails will often look... More

How to choose what to wear for a Chinese wedding

The style you wear counts Respecting the customs of another country is essential when considering going to any kind of festival or ceremony, including weddings. Bearing in mind that China is a different culture to that which you may be accustomed to, the rules of etiquette in what you wear mean... More

How to Dress Like a Diva

Basics of How-To How to dress like a diva provides you with step by step instructions. You do not have to be a certain size or look a certain way to pull it off, all you need is self confidence, belief in yourself and a passion for dressing up. You can buy designer clothes if you can afford to... More

How to remove acrylic nails

Tips for removing acrylic nails at home Even though acrylic nails are beautiful and will certainly give you the manicured look you want, they won't last forever. After a time, when your own nails start to grow out, you will be able to see the acrylic nails on the top of them. No matter how much... More

How to get cigarette smell out of clothing

Removing the smell of stale tobacco It has happened to everyone at one time or another. You are either out with friends or at a party and the next thing you know, you and all of your clothes smell like an old ash tray. You probably won't notice it when it happens. You will however, the next time... More

How to dye fabric with tea

Tips for cheaply dying your fabric using tea Have you ever been disappointed because you spilled tea on your favorite shirt and now the stain won't come out? This will tell you that tea is a very easy way to dye fabrics in different hues of tan and brown. It is also a very cheap... More