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How to crimp hair

Fed up of that flat look? Girls who are born with straight hair can get a wonderful feeling of volume by crimping their hair. Crimpers wave the hair in a way which leaves the hair flowing with uniform curls, and crimping done properly can give a girl that party look. It takes the hair away from... More

How to curl hair with rags

Rag curling is an old technique used to produce regular curls in your hair. This is ideally suited to long hair. A great alternative to using rollers, the ability to sleep in rags makes it the best solution for producing overnight curls. Ringlets are a particularly good result from using rags and... More

How to care for a leather jacket

Loving your leather jacket A leather jacket is a fashion statement. You can choose a classic style, a biker style, a bomber jacket or choose something a rock star would love. Many people hesitate to buy a leather jacket because they are afraid of the care involved. Think about it, this is an... More

How to apply fake nails

Tips for easy application of fake fingernails Having beautifully manicured fingernails is not as hard to achieve as you may think. Not everyone has the time and patience to spend hours taking care of their nails or have the money to visit a salon on a regular basis. If you are a... More

How to rent handbags

When you can't afford to own, rent a handbag For most women, owning a highend designer handbag is a dream. Today, you can make that dream come true. There are many places and websites that offer the option of renting a purse that would be too expensive for you to own. It is also a great way to... More

How to soften new jeans

How to soften new jeans for a more comfortable feel   Even though it is well known that denim jeans are made from very heavy duty fabric and as such can be stiff and rough at times, we still like our jeans to fit and feel like a glove. This is not always possible when we... More

How to remove a ring that’s stuck on a finger

A stuck ring can be uncomfortable and even painful Using a little patience and the tips for easily removing a ring from your finger can make it much easier and less painful. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and not panic. If you tug and pull on a stuck ring too... More

How to paint jeans

How to paint your jeans to create a wearable work of art You can make any pair of jeans your own personalized by decorating them with fabric paint. If you have a great fitting pair of jeans that is beginning to look somewhat shabby but you would rather not throw it out just yet, you don’t... More

How to grow long hair

Women who have lush, long locks would grab attention of everyone. Whatever type of hair nature has blessed you with does not matter, when considering growing it longer. The truth is that having long hair does not require any sort of expensive hair product or hair growth boosting supplement.... More

How to dress up a plain black sweater

Making a black sweater shine A plain black sweater is a staple in every woman's wardrobe. The reason it is a staple is that it can be dressed up in so many different ways. A black sweater can be dressed down and worn with basic blue jeans and at the same time can be dressed up to wear to a dressy... More