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How to give a soothing hand massage

Step-by-step hand massage Your hands are among the most overworked parts of your body, so why not treat them kindly and keep them in top condition with a regular massage? We read the tips from massage parlor, and in this article we decided to tell you how it... More

How to avoid and treat calluses

Treating food calluses and avoiding recurrence Foot calluses are unsightly but they can also be very painful. The pain can come with every step; have a burning sensation while trying to rest, or a shooting pain that feels like being stabbed with a needle. Painful calluses automatically force... More

How to wear cologne the right way

Tips for wearing cologne Cologne helps you smell nice. That is a proven fact, but there is a right and wrong way to wear cologne and other scented products. With the many public buildings now asking those who enter to refrain from wearing scented products, it is more important than ever to know... More

How to remove acrylic nails

Tips for removing acrylic nails at home Even though acrylic nails are beautiful and will certainly give you the manicured look you want, they won't last forever. After a time, when your own nails start to grow out, you will be able to see the acrylic nails on the top of them. No matter how much... More

How to apply fake nails

Tips for easy application of fake fingernails Having beautifully manicured fingernails is not as hard to achieve as you may think. Not everyone has the time and patience to spend hours taking care of their nails or have the money to visit a salon on a regular basis. If you are a... More