How to apply fake nails

Tips for easy application of fake fingernails

Having beautifully manicured fingernails is not as hard to achieve as you may think. Not everyone has the time and patience to spend hours taking care of their nails or have the money to visit a salon on a regular basis. If you are a nail biter or a person with soft nails that crack very easily, fake nails make it very easy to have perfect nails at a very low cost.

Fake nails are available in department stores and pharmacies in all sizes and colors. You can purchase nails with a French manicure or a set with tiny decals on them in a variety of colors. You can also purchase short nails if you don’t want long nails that look like talons or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time clipping and filing your new nails.

You can also apply nail polish in any color you prefer once you apply the nails over your existing nails.


Step 1

Choosing the right nails for your fingers

When you start shopping for fake nails, you will see that there are many varieties available. If this is the first time you have used false fingernails, the best ones to choose are the shorter ones that have a tip at the top that you can hold onto when putting the nails in place.

Step 2

Soften your cuticles

Soak your fingertips in a softening liquid — dishwashing liquid is really great for this. After you dry your hands, use a fingernail file to push back the cuticles. You need to do this to insert the bottom part of the fake nails into the cuticles so that it will not be visible and will look just like your real nails.

Step 3

The application process

Take the fake nails out of the packaging and sort them into piles for each finger. There are usually at least two nails for each finger in a package.

Try the nails to see which ones fit your fingers and lay them out in order on the table or surface on which you are working.

Cut the tip off the glue applicator which comes with the nails. Start with the nail for your thumb and apply a tiny bit of glue to the back of the nail.

Fit in in place on your thumb, making sure that no edges of the nail are showing.

Press down on the nail for a minute to secure the nail to your own fingernail.

Then you can proceed with repeating this process for each fingernail on both hands.

Step 4

Applying the finishing touches

Once you have all the fake nails in place, hold out your hands to survey your work.

If the nails are too long, you can use a nail clipper to cut off any excess. However, it is better to use an emory board to file down the nails and to round the tops if you don’t want the tops to be square.

Then you can apply the nail polish of your choice or leave the nails a natural color.

Things Needed
• package of false fingernails and the glue needed to apply the nails
• nail clipper
• emory board or nail file
• nail polish

Tips & Warnings
• Once you are satisfied that the nail is in place the wany you want it, break off the small holding attachment, if these are on the nails you are using.
• Applying fake nails is a great way to break yourself of the habit of biting your nails. Once you see how beautiful they look, you want to keep your nails looking like this all the time.
• Nails will come off once the glue starts to dry out.
• Be careful when handling food that you have to mix with your hands because of the danger of a nail coming off and getting mixed with the food.


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