How to give a soothing hand massage

How to give a soothing hand massage

Step-by-step hand massage

Your hands are among the most overworked parts of your body, so why not treat them kindly and keep them in top condition with a regular massage? We read the tips from massage parlor, and in this article we decided to tell you how it is done.

A hand massage can be beneficial in two ways — physically and emotionally calming. When essential oils are added to the treatment, it can help soothe the skin on the hands, which suffers from constant work and overexposure to the elements. A hand massage is also an ideal introduction to massage for a nervous, first-time recipient.

The hand is one of the least fleshy areas of the body, yet it is incredibly versatile in its range of movements. Precise and delicate actions are produced by small muscles in the hand; more powerful movements are controlled by the larger muscles in the forearm. For massage, this means that the deeper firmer strokes are actually performed on the forearm rather than the hand.


Step 1

Apply massage oil

Smooth a blend of massage oil over the surface of the hand and forearm. Make sure you apply an even coating and that your hands keep in constant contact with the recipient’s skin.

Step 2

Massage the upper side of the hand

Using your thumb, walk up the hand using small steps between the tendons on the upper side of the hand. Then, knead with your thumb in small circles around each joint.

Step 3

Massage over joints of the fingers

Knead using tiny circles over the small joints of the fingers. Hold each finger and slide your hand from the knuckle to the tip. Use firm pressure, but be careful not to pull too hard.

Step 4

Massage the pad of the thumb

Using your thumbs again, firmly massage the ‘pad’ of the recipient’s thumb, on the palm side, simulataneously working on both the back of the hand and the palm at the same time.

Step 5

Massage around the wrist

Massage around the wrist joint using circular movements, with each thumb on either side of the joint. Repeat on the other side of the hand, over the palm.

Step 6

Massage along the forearm

Work your thumbs in small circles along the forearm. Move up the upper side of the forearm towards the elbow, feeling for knots and tension in the muscles as you travel.

Step 7

Massage the inner-side of the forearm

Repeat the small circular movements over the inner part of the forearm, but apply less pressure. Then perform effleurage strokes lightly across the arm and hand with your hands flat. This will complete the massage. Repeat the whole process on the other hand and forearm.

Things Needed
• Two comfy chairs
• Small, narrow table
• Massage oil
• Essential oil/s of choice
• Towel

Tips & Warnings
• Effleurage involves long, soothing, stroking movements. It can be performed with light or firm, steady pressure, using as much of the palm of the hand as you can fit on the area you are working on. Each stroke uses the palm of the hand in a gliding motion directed toward the heart.
• The main tools used by a masseur during a hand massage are the thumbs, to knead away tension in the recipient’s hands.


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