How to remove acrylic nails

Tips for removing acrylic nails at home

Even though acrylic nails are beautiful and will certainly give you the manicured look you want, they won’t last forever. After a time, when your own nails start to grow out, you will be able to see the acrylic nails on the top of them. No matter how much nail polish you apply, you won’t be able to hide the imperfection that this causes in your nails.

What happens when you realize that your nails look a sight, you have an engagement to attend and you can’t get an appointment at the salon? You don’t have to panic because you can remove acrylic nails on your own. It does take time and patience, but it is not impossible.


Step 1

Gather all your supplies

Take a look at the list of the things you need to remove acrylic nails at home. Gather these supplies first before you start. You will also need to have at least a half hour to spare for this process because it is not something that can be done in a few seconds. You should have a comfortable seat and a large surface to work on. The kitchen table is fine, but cover it with a cloth first just in case of accidental spills.

Step 2

Clip and file your nails

Once you have everything in front of you, clip your nails as short as you can without making them look too short. Use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish that you are wearing.

You should also file your nails so that you remove as many of the acrylic layers as possible before you start.

Step 3

Soften your cuticles and the nails

Apply a thin coating of Vaseline to the cuticle of each finger and the skin around your nails. Try not to get any of this on the acrylic nail. This will soften the cuticles and the surrounding skin.

Pour an inch or so of nail polish remover into a glass dish. The nail polish remover must contain acetone or it won’t work for removing acrylic nails.

Place your fingertips in the dish of liquid and let them soak for 15 minutes. Make sure the full nail on each finger and thimb is completely covered.

Step 4

Scrape off the acrylic nails

After the 15 minutes has elapsed, remove your fingers from the bowl and start scraping off the acrylic nails. You can use a cuticle pucher for this or a nail file. Don’t rush the process and you won’t have any difficulty.

Do this with each nail, scraping off as much as you can.

Now put your fingertips back into the nail polish remover and let them soak for another fiftenn minutes.

This time when you take them out, gently pull off each nail. If the nail won’t come off, scrape the acrylic again to remove another layer and then soak once more.

Repeat this process until you have all the acrylic nails removed and you are back to your own nails.

Step 5

Putting on the finishing touches

When you have all the acrylic layers removed from your nails, wash your hands in soap and water to remove any residue of the nail polish remover that may still be there. This washing will also remove any traces of the Vaseline.

Dry your hands and lightly buff your nails with a nail buffer.

Apply a light coating of nail polish in a neutral or natural color to protect your nails. Let the polish dry completely and then give your hands a good coating of hand cream or moisturizer.

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Things Needed
• glass dish or small bowl
• nail polish remover containing acetone
• nail clippers
• nail file
• nail buffer
• cuticle pusher
• vaseline
• timer
• nail polish
• hand cream

Tips & Warnings
• Do not make an extra effort to pull off the nails because this will hurt and could damage the nail underneath.
• Only nail polish remover containing acetone will work for this technique.
• Make sure that you use hand cream when you are finished because leaving your fingers in the nail polish remover for any length of time will cause the skin around the nails to become cracked and sore.


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