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How to Find a Good Writer for Your Business Marketing Materials

Choosing a Writer for Your Business Needs You might be a master at running your successful business, but what happens if you're ready to grow that business and realize you have no patience for writing the content for your business's marketing materials? Your administrative assistant might be... More

ESTA Application Online

Does a traveler ever need to reapply for a travel authorization through ESTA? There are multiple situations when you might need to reapply for your ESTA authorization. You should submit a new application if: Your passport expires, and you receive a new passport; You change your legal or... More

How to manage business letter paragraph length

The importance of keeping it short Modern business is all about go, go, go. Every time there is an economic downturn, heads are cut. When things get better, those heads are not always replaced. That means we all end up becoming increasing more time constrained. Communication is sent through a... More

How to get your name off telemarketing call lists

Tips for removing your telephone number from telemarketer call lists Are you one of the many people that receives calls from telemarketers at dinner time or when you are watching your favorite TV show? If so, you probably want to know how to put a stop to this so that you can enjoy peace and... More

How to write SEO friendly content

SEO: The vital link between content and search engines In traditional media, writers are concerned with fitting their articles into a certain number of lines or words in order to conform to the guidelines of a newspaper or magazine. Writers typically had a good idea of who their target audience... More

How to be a responsible project manager

Traits of a responsible project manager The project manager is like a mini-CEO of a project. He (she) determines the way the project will be planned and carried out, the amount of funds that will be allocated for each phase of the project, the manpower and resources that may be required and the... More

How to distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor

For tax purposes classification matters The Internal Revenue Service has laid down specific guidelines that explain how to distinguish between an employee and an independent contractor. At times, these guidelines still do cause some consternation, for both employers and for employees. While some... More

How to create a press kit

Press kits can be as varied and creative as a company or individual chooses. But there are some common elements and basic components of a press kit that should be considered for inclusion. A press kit is the window into your business and a well-prepared, professional press kit can gain tremendous... More

How to earn as a Marketing Affiliate

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing / On-line Marketing / Virtual Marketing / Virtual Retailing / On-line Retailing ... as the many names may imply are nothing but generating income with the use of the internet and by signing up to one or many companies on-line. An... More

How to ensure successful implementation of a project

Project implementation Project implementation is the fifth phase in the Project Life Cycle. It brings about the conversion of strategies to deliveries. It is headed and controlled by the project manager, who ensures that the project is carried out successfully to the satisfaction of... More