Сan laminate floors be 100% water resistant?

Such flooring as laminate, has been known around the world for over 40 years. It is widely used due to the fact that being outwardly more than similar to the natural and expensive wooden floors, it is much cheaper. Sometimes the difference between externally the same laminate and parquet reaches a difference of ten and fifteen times the price per square meter.

The paradox is that the laminated coverings would be even more widespread, replacing such floorings  as linoleum and ceramic tile, but due to the fact that it does not very much resist moisture (with prolonged contact with water laminate board swells and becomes unusable) its distribution as a dominant and all recognized flooring is still being limited.

Innovation from StoneFloor (China)

But technical progress does not stand still. Relatively recently, a large Chinese company StoneFloor announced the emergence of a fundamentally new laminate on the market, which is completely different from the typical ones. The composition of its plate HDF includes a special mixture, which generally does not pass 1% water. Due to this, this coating can be used not only in areas such as bedrooms and children, but also bathrooms and even toilets.

All other properties of the laminate have been preserved. It is just as beautiful, has over 1000 different colors for antique wood or French parquet, stone and tile. The company StoneFloor for the first time showed its invention at the exhibition Domotex-2017 in Germany. And for several companies in different countries of the world successfully implement these products.

We are confident that soon such an innovative HDF will be used not only for the production of floor coverings, but also in the production of water-resistant furniture.

You can see more about this product on the official website of StoneFloor, where there is the necessary technical and other consumer information about this new product. Detailed info on — http://stone-floor.com/laminate