A Guide to a Successful Ad

A Guide to a Successful Ad

A good marketing campaign, in order to be successful, should be able to do two important things — one, it should be able to invoke emotion; and two, it should be able to force an action from its target audience. An ad or marketing campaign, be it brochures or custom hang tags, is not considered successful if it doesn’t have a result such as these two. Good advertising just needs to have these outcomes no matter the purpose or reason you had when you started creating your marketing campaign.

Creating a good marketing campaign is dependent on different objectives. Even a hang tag printer knows that even with different purposes in mind, different marketing campaigns have generally the same expected results. And in order for you as a business owner to get the result from a successful advertising, here are some of the basic guidelines when you are designing one for your business.

The marketing strategy should be attention grabbing.
This means that your design for your marketing tools even if they are custom hang tags should be eye catching that your target clients stop dead on their tracks and would want to read more of what you have to say.

Always remember that your target clients are too busy to read or look at anything that doesn’t deserve their attention. They only have time on things that would give them something that can benefit them. If your ads don’t stand out in that department then you are just wasting your time, money and effort in creating ads that they just don’t see. Make sure that in the few seconds that they glance at your marketing campaign, you already catch their attention that they would want to read more of your message to know how they can get your benefits.

The message should be brief and clear.
The aim of your marketing campaign is to get your target clients to act according to how you want them to. Therefore, they have to understand your message right away in order for them to act on it. If your target clients don’t understand your message in an instant, you’ll stand to lose their attention, and hence, the opportunity to make a sale in that moment.

Again, it takes a few seconds for your marketing campaign to capture your target clients’ attention. You then have to drive your point right away in those few seconds so that your target clients would want to act on it immediately.

The design as well as the message should be simple.
One of the most basic design principles is the KISS — keep it simple and short. This also applies to your message. By keeping both design and message simple and sweet, you get more chances of having your target clients get your point and make it easier for them to act on your offer. Don’t make your ad too busy or too wordy that your target clients get lost in them. The simpler and easier your ad, the faster it is that your target clients can respond the way you want them to respond to your offer.

The ad should stir up the feelings of your target clients.
It should be able to invoke emotions when they see your ad. It doesn’t have to be something that would make them cry or laugh their hearts out. Your ad just needs to stir up an emotion that your target clients would want to connect and build a relationship with you. This would make it easier for them to want to get in touch with you right away to know more of your offer.

The ad should make them act.
Finally, an ad should invoke action from your target clients. Unless they act on your call, your ad would never be successful as it does not get the result you expect from your investments. The only way you can get the returns from your investment is when your target clients start acting according to the way you want them to. Your target clients should want to call you, go to your website, knock on your door — simply to get in touch with you, so they can buy your product or avail of your service.


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