A Small Business Marketing Principle

A Small Business Marketing Principle

If you own a small business, chances are that you are afraid to market big time because you always think about the amount of money you are going to shell out just so you can create your marketing strategy, whether its postcard printing or poster prints. Postcard templates for example can incur costs that you might not be able to swallow. That’s why most of the time, you as a business owner would rather work within your business than to work on it to make it grow in your industry.

Sadly, many small businesses resort to cancelling any marketing project or go for a marketing strategy that is easy on the budget no matter that the approach is not even appropriate to the type of business you have. These just results to many marketing strategies that don’t get to have the results that the business owner wants. Hence, many small business owners just stop marketing altogether.

But this should not be so. Marketing is an integral part of going into business. How can the consumers and your target clients know you exist if they don’t see a postcard printing for example to announce your opening? How will your target clients avail of your offer if they don’t even know your benefits?

Marketing is that important if you really want people to know about you and your business. Instead of working in your business, working ON them would give you a better shot at success. You really have to put real thought and effort to the process in order for you to become successful.

So what is marketing? What is it about? Marketing is really all about getting the word out about you – who you are, what you can do, and what you have to give in the form of benefits. In summary, it’s all about getting the word out about you to your target clients. It is the process by which you communicate and connect with your target clients so they will know how their lives will become better if they get your benefits.

There are a thousand and one ways to market and get the word out. It would take so many pages perhaps to explain them one by one. But the real issue remains on the way you communicate who you are and what you do to your target clients.

Who are you? What can you do? What are the benefits that you have that will make life better for your target clients? These are just some of the questions that will be answered when you market your business. When you talk about that particular something that makes you different form the rest of the businesses in the market, you are most likely to get the attention of your readers and make them stay a little bit longer to get to know you better.

So it’s really all about your USP (unique selling proposition). Your USP is what convinces your target clients to buy from you instead of your competition. What makes you unique and distinct? What makes you better than the others who are in the market? Are your prices cheaper? Do you offer fun and exciting gimmicks every time you launch a marketing campaign? Do you happen to have better shipping than your competition? The key is to find out what will make you stand out and use it to help you encourage your target clients to go for your offer.


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