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How to write SEO friendly content

SEO: The vital link between content and search engines In traditional media, writers are concerned with fitting their articles into a certain number of lines or words in order to conform to the guidelines of a newspaper or magazine. Writers typically had a good idea of who their target audience... More

How to create a press kit

Press kits can be as varied and creative as a company or individual chooses. But there are some common elements and basic components of a press kit that should be considered for inclusion. A press kit is the window into your business and a well-prepared, professional press kit can gain tremendous... More

How to earn as a Marketing Affiliate

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing / On-line Marketing / Virtual Marketing / Virtual Retailing / On-line Retailing ... as the many names may imply are nothing but generating income with the use of the internet and by signing up to one or many companies on-line. An... More

How to write a classified ad

Classified ads are used to buy or sell merchandise Classified ads are placed by individuals having something to sell and are read by those searching for the items listed. Newspapers in larger cities arrange the ads into sections such as: automobiles, household belonging,... More

How to create an electronic press kit

Electronic press kits can save time and money. An electronic press kit is a great way to market your online or offline business. One of the major advantages of an electronic press kit is that the printing costs are eliminated for the majority of your clients and prospects. Another important... More

How to market your work aggressively without spamming

Marketing is needed for revenue If you are one of the thousands of people who have online accounts, you know how important it is to market your work. One of the challenges that you might be facing is how to effectively market your work without being considered a spammer. ... More

How to Be a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers seem sauve, sophisticated, and intelligent. They command the attention of large audiences as they encourage, cajole, influence and persuade the members to consider what they offer. Through the use of stories, visual aids and sheer influence, they educate and motivate.... More

How to use social networking websites to your advantage

What is social media marketing? Social media marketing continues to cause a big buzz in business. It is really just a way of using social networks to promote business online. Social networking has now become essential for anyone involved in PR, or marketing a big multinational... More

How to place an ad in the newspaper

Tips for writing an effective newspaper ad The newspaper has always been a good medium for advertising job openings, items for sale and other services. Just about everyone reads the newspaper, whether it is a national paper or a small town paper. It doesn't cost a lot of money... More