How to Be a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers seem sauve, sophisticated, and intelligent. They command the attention of large audiences as they encourage, cajole, influence and persuade the members to consider what they offer. Through the use of stories, visual aids and sheer influence, they educate and motivate. Perhaps you have the gift of motivating those around you; you are at ease with others and you think you would like to pursue a new career. There are steps to follow that will you accomplish your dream and help you become a motivational speaker.


Step 1

Choose the venue you will follow for becoming a motivational speaker. Many possibilities exist. Motivational speakers address large companies, small businesses, schools or conventions. Determine which venue your skills will complement.

Step 2

Write a speech. Make sure the opening lines draw your audience in to connect with you. The beginning is one of the most important parts to your speech. Practice your speech to build confidence. Rehearse it in the bathroom, in front of the mirror. Move out in to the living room and practice in front of real people-your family. After you have repeatedly practiced it until it is your own, offer your services to local groups like the Lion’s Club or the Rotary Club.

Step 3

Network while you are giving free speeches. Pass out your business cards and let members know you are available to speak for their place of business, club or organization. Build a reputation as a motivational speaker that holds the attention of the audience. Create a media kit and advertise. Ask others to recommend you to their friends and associates.

Step 4

Contact the person organizing the event or the CEO of the company before you begin your speech. Find out the motivation for hiring you. Write and successfully deliver the message the man or woman in charge wants the people to hear. Satisfaction from the top down will help your role as a motivational speaker move up rapidly. Not only will the person in charge be likely hire you again, you will recommended with confidence.

Step 5

Form your own company of sign up with an agency that hires motivational speakers once you have successfully given speeches. Your resume, gained through the free and paid speeches, will help impress those running the companies. Let them know your expectations and read every thing you sign very carefully.

Things Needed
• Speech
• Business cards
• Quality clothing
• Appropriate visual aids

Tips & Warnings
• Make copies of keynotes to pass out after your speech is finished.
• Toastmasters can help you perfect your speech.
• Begin and end speech with a bang. Those are the two most important areas in a speech.
• Avoid sexist, racial or controversial comments in your speech.
• Use jokes and stories that are in good taste.


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