How to earn as a Marketing Affiliate

How to earn as a Marketing Affiliate

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing / On-line Marketing / Virtual Marketing / Virtual Retailing / On-line Retailing … as the many names may imply are nothing but generating income with the use of the internet and by signing up to one or many companies on-line.

An Affiliate is one who signs up to a company and generates income through sales redirected through one’s Affiliate Id. You can look at the overview of the cryptocurrency market overview, and decide for yourself which strategy is better.

One does not have to be specifically net smart to be an Affiliate, however, the more one researches and learns new marketing tricks, the higher the turnover ratio.


Step 1

Search and Research

In order to become an on-line affiliate to a company, you will first have to find a suitable company to sign up to. The search options offer a wide list of affiliate programs.Read through each of the program policies that you may be interested in, noting down their advertising, bidding styles and payment methods. Research these sites for more information at Blogs and Forums using the Search tools on the web.

Step 2

Valid email address

Before signing up to an affiliate program, ensure that you have a valid email address. It would be advisable to open an email account exclusively for affiliate programs, or open separate folders for affiliate programs in your already existing email accounts.

Your email address is your pathway for affiliate account confirmation and affiliate update notifications.

Step 3

Sign up to an Affiliate Program

Once you have selected your affiliate program and have decided on your email address, sign up to the affiliate program of your choice. Follow the instructions. Make sure that you do not give in a false name / pseudoname / someone else’s name. You might not end up earning what is finally due to you.

Submit details like W8 / W9 forms / SSN / Tax id information as requested by the sites.

Enter a valid physical address, as some affiliates are paid by check as against PayPal, AlertPay, DD, Wire Transfer, etc.

Enter a valid telephone number with country / area codes as this might be required to obtain a confirmation PIN sent to the contact from the Affiliate Hosting Company.

Step 4

Browse through and Follow Merchant Guidelines

Once you have signed up as an Affiliate to a company, you should browse through the many sales propositions that Merchants/Advertisers offer. Some will already have prepared links including your «Affiliate Id», while you may have to make a request to be a Publisher for some others.

Understand the regulations, advertising policies and bidding limits that the Merchant outlines. For some Merchants, you may use their home page links as redirects, while for some others you will be required to sub-link them. Follow the guidelines specified by each.

Things You Need

• A Computer with a net connection
• An email address
• A Debit / Credit Card for receipt of payment via PayPal/AlertPay
• A PayPal / Alertpay Address
• Membership to one or more Affiliate Programs

Be Cautious

• — Beware of companies that ask for your Debit/Credit Card details
• — Beware of companies that ask for a payment from you in order to grant you membership
• — Make sure of your payment terms, especially in distinguishing between similar currency symbols and notations ($) mentioned, and whether it is USD, AUD, NZD, etc.
• — Research your companies before sign-up to ensure they pay their affiliates.
• — Test the market first before plunging in neck deep in Adwords and keyword bids.


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