How to market your work aggressively without spamming

Marketing is needed for revenue
How to market your work aggressively without spamming

If you are one of the thousands of people who have online accounts, you know how important it is to market your work. One of the challenges that you might be facing is how to effectively market your work without being considered a spammer.

Aggressive marketing is required whether you write for online sites like Helium or Bright Hub as part of your earnings are derived from page views. If you are depending on page views for part or all of your income,. then you need to understand how to market.

Marketing aggressively does not mean spamming. But, how do you introduce your work to a larger audience and not spam? Here are some simple steps that will help lead you in the right direction.

It is important to understand that marketing plans are not "one size fits all". Some of these may work for you and some may not. They work for some people though!


Step 1

Your RSS feeds

Before you do anything, make sure your RSS feeds are set up correctly. Log into your RSS account, add the RSS feeds from your article site, your blog, your Xomba account and your RedGage account. Once you do this, your new entries will automatically be fed to your Twitter account.

Step 2

Write your article

While this may seem elementary, you now need something to promote. Whether it is on Helium or another online writing site, write your article using appropriate spelling and grammar. The highest quality articles are the easiest to promote. Find a topic that you can write about with authority, and one that you are passionate about.

Step 3

Duplication is not complicated

After you have written your content the next step to successfully marketing is to duplicate your content. While you can use your opening paragaph for duplication purposes, it may be more beneficial to re-write it. Once you do this, post it to your blog with a link to the original article.

For Xomba, use the bookmark feature, write a fifty (50) word description of the article and include the link.

Once this step is accomplished, you have submitted your article to two additional sites, with backlinks. Remember, back-links provide valuable "points" for search engine ranking.

Step 4


The next step is to bookmark your work so others can find it more readily. Using your StumbleUpon account, find the proper category for your article and list it on StumbleUpon. You may also want to stumble your blog post as well as your Xomba post.

Log into your RedGage account and create three (3) bookmarks. One to your original article, one to your blog post and one to your Xomba post.

Finally, go to your SheToldMe account and repeat the same steps you used for your RedGage account.

Step 5

Effective use of WikiNut

You may have noticed that WikiNut was left off the promotion list. Wikinut is an article site. In order to use it effectively the best option is to create multiple articles about one topic and create a guide. You can effectively do the same thing with a Helium Zone or How To guide, but it is another effective form of promotion, back-linking and can produce additional revenue.

Step 6

Do not overlook ongoing promotion

Use a spreadsheet for tracking your articles and using them for ongoing promotion. You may add your article, blog post and Xomba posts to your spreadsheet to promote them through Twitter.

Things Needed
• Helium Account
• Blogger Account
• Stumble Upon Account
• Wikinut Account
• RedGage Account
• Xomba Account
• Twitter Account
• Basic RSS feed knowledge
• URL Shortening Service

Tips & Warnings
• When submitting articles to StumbleUpon the best rule of thumb is to stumble 5 items for every one of your own
• The best results for duplicating on your blog and Xomba is a "fresh" opening paragraph and a link to your original article
• For best results in WikiNut, combine several articles of one topic and write a new page
• Read the Terms of Service on all sites before you begin promotion


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