How to place an ad in the newspaper

How to place an ad in the newspaper

Tips for writing an effective newspaper ad

The newspaper has always been a good medium for advertising job openings, items for sale and other services. Just about everyone reads the newspaper, whether it is a national paper or a small town paper. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to advertise in this way and you can choose the dates on which you want the ad to run.

Creating an ad for the newspaper is not just a matter of writing down what it is you want to sell and including your contact information. You do need to be specific about the product or service so that there won’t be any confusion amongst any parties that may be interested.


Step 1

Choose the proper section for the ad

There are various sections of the newspaper devoted to classified ads. It is important that you place your ad in the correct section in order for it to get the attention it needs. If you have a job opening you want to advertise, placing it in a category where there are items for sale will be a waste of time.

Step 2

Be specific

You should write the ad so that readers won’t have any doubts as to what you are selling or looking for. If you want to hire a person for your business, make sure that you include the qualifications you are looking for, the location of the job and the salary range associated with this position. Indicate whether you want to receive applications by email, fax or regular mail and include the contact information for each medium.

If you have an item for sale, include a short description of the item, the price and how customers can contact you.

Step 3

Write a catchy headline

The headline for the ad is what will catch the attention of readers. You need to make this as interesting as possible, giving a hint of what is to follow without telling too much. The idea is to get as many readers as possible to read and reply to your ad.

Step 4

Include a photo if possible

Depending on your budget for the ad, you may want to include a photo of the item that is for sale.

Step 5

Check your spelling and grammar

Correct spelling and use of grammar is essential in placing an ad in the newspaper. Write a draft of the ad and recheck it for spelling errors. When you are satisfied with the wording then you can submit it by mail, fax or email depending on the requirements of the newspaper. Make sure you include the dates on which you want the newspaper to run your ad.

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Things Needed
• item or service you want to advertise
• newspaper in which you want to advertise
• copy of a newspaper to see the layout of ads
• knowledge of the various sections of classified ads
• advertising budget

Tips & Warnings
• Read through the newspaper to see the various types of ads that are posted to get an idea of which layout would garner the most attention.
• Contact the newspaper to find out the cost and how to submit the ad.
• Dates at which you want the ad to run.


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