Branding in the floor industry

This article will be interesting for those who are engaged in floor coverings business and trying to understand why in the world market, despite the rather limited number of manufacturers, the number of brands offered is two or to three times higher. The article will also be useful for those people who are currently engaged in the choice of coverage for their home and do not want to overpay for the product.

World chaos

Due to the fact that the world borders have almost ceased to be at the castle, all countries and continents are open to visits and entrepreneurship, in world trade there has appeared chaos and great confusion for buyers.


Most manufacturers in pursuit of increasing revenue and turnover have begun to offer their products under individual branding names. So even there is now such a thing as a brand agent. In this case, the products of the plant named X are sold as products of the plant Y under a completely different trade name, but for a greater market value, since the selling company has to invest more in advertising. Another option is possible.

Brand multiplication

If the company has its own, well-established brand, it can release under its own name a collection specifically for an exclusive seller. As an example, the company Kronotex in Germany. Already having an exclusive seller in Russia, the plant did not sell its products under the brand Kronotex. But, wishing to increase sales volume, to the new wholesale buyer from Russia, the plant offered two collections My Floor and Rooms which in Russia began to be realized as Kronotex Rooms laminate and Kronotex My Floor laminate. As a result, an ordinary retail buyer receives about the same product, but in different packaging.

It is difficult to say whether it is good or bad, because all market participants tend to earn and survive in the most difficult competitive conditions. You understand only one thing, that now, to get the most accurate information, more relevant than ever becomes a personal acquaintance with the persons who possess the information. Relying solely on data on the Internet is difficult because of the high marketing component.