Can a Logistics MSc Improve Your Logistics Career?

Can a Logistics MSc Improve Your Logistics Career?

As volcanic ash descends over Europe once again and violent changes in the weather are still being seen all over the globe logistics officers in every type of global company are trying to find ways to ensure that their customers are not affected by the disruption to their service.

Changes in the economy can also affect businesses as demand rises and falls. Logistics plays a key part in making sure that the business can scale their warehousing, transport and delivery to react quickly to the changes in demand that they are facing.

With speed and quality of service expectations at an all time high it is has never been more important to ensure that the supply chain of a product is in perfect working order. Yet it is not as easy as simply moving items from A to B. Supply chain management has to look at a whole host of varying factors from strategy to modes of transport and trade barriers.

If you currently work in Logistics or Supply Chain Management and face these and a whole host of other problems on a day to day basis then you may be interested in the programmes offered at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

LUMS is one the top research led schools in the country and has Masters programmes which are ranked in the top 50 worldwide. They offer a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management which is a 12 month full time course which is especially designed for students interested in careers in logistics, supply chain management, physical distribution and transport management or people who currently work in any of these industries and who want to find a new approach to their work.

The programme emphasises the practical analytical aspects of logistics while giving students the chance to build up their knowledge of fundamental management science so that they can aide the company they will inevitably work for with decision making. Alongside core modules you can also choose to study specific ares that interest you while all the time building and developing modelling skills in a variety of different areas such as manufacturing management, public sector analysis and strategic supply chain management.

As is expected in any Management Science Msc programmes students are expected to take courses in problem solving and consulting, report writing, presentations and group work all of which will be of unmeasurable value throughout a students career. The course also gives students the chance to work for 16 weeks as a consultant to one of the school’s client companies with the supervision of a member of staff. Taking part in this project gives students invaluable insights into the world of work and how to put what they have learnt into practice.

The Management Science department a LUMS, which runs the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Msc, is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts which can help management issues in any industry. The staff within this department are also focused on developing novel methods to apply to well known problems which they will then share with their students. Learning in a vibrant and research led environment such as LUMS gives every student the chance to put the theory they have learnt in the class room into practice giving them a huge advantage when entering the world of work.


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