Choosing the Best Marketing Platform

Choosing the Best Marketing Platform

The challenge to most businesses is finding the right marketing platform that is not too costly but one that would yield great results. There are many marketing platforms that you can choose from. There are the traditional marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, business cards, custom folders, etc. If you want to go hi-tech you can try online ads, paid searches, etc. But one marketing tool that has the potential to get good response yet would not cost you much are print ad placements.

Just how can print ad placements be a good marketing platform? Read and learn.

First, you need to know what works for you. There is no panacea for marketing problems. You have to do a lot of research and trial runs before you can get the right formula. For instance, local newspapers are effective for delis or groceries because most patrons live within the community. Meat shops and DVD rental outlets might benefit from coupon advertising. Folder printing companies or business card printing companies might benefit from a newspaper ad because these companies want to target a bigger population.

Before engaging any of the print ad platforms, learn more about them. Understand a few essential aspects of print advertisement before placing an ad. The following might help you decide:

Does the format allow you enough space to get your message through? A classified ad will limit your ability because of space constraints. A local newspaper might be have the space but may be costly. There are trade-offs and what you want to do is to find out what is best suited for your type of message. Maybe a coupon will do.

How often do you want your platform to communicate your message? If you want a sustained campaign, an ad in the Yellow Pages might be a good idea. The thing with Yellow Pages is the fact that they are passive ads. Only people who are looking for a particular product would find the Yellow Pages interesting. On the other hand, a newspaper placement would allow you to inform those who are remotely interested about your product or services hoping that they would remember it when the time comes that they need it or refer it to their friends or relatives.

What is the platform’s cost in terms of the number of people? You can compute how much you are spending with a particular platform. For instance, for newspaper placements, just divide the cost of your ad with the circulation. For coupons or brochures, you can just ask your service provider to do the math for you. By computing your costs versus the number of people it will be able to reach, you will have an idea on which platform will give you maximum coverage at least cost.

What are incidental costs associated with your print ad placement? Certainly you would need the help of layout artists if you want an elaborate design for your newspaper ad or a good brochure or direct-mail postcards. On the other hand, you can print coupon ads from home yourself. There are additional costs for particular tools. You must factor this in when you decide.

Essentially, what you are looking for is something that has low costs and the ability to target a particular segment of the community. You may want to hook up with some local businesses to learn from their business. Ideally, your platform should be able to distinguish good prospects from bad ones. Otherwise, you are just spending ad money on those who are not guaranteed to give you a good response. Direct-mail postcards are one of these tools that are ineffective because it can be mailed to those who do not have interest in your product or services.

There are no quick and dirty answers to the question of what is best for your business. Essentially, it will be a case of research and trial and error.


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